FIBI Pasadena - David Tilney on Hassle Free Management and Master Leasing

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I am happy to say we get to have David Tilney back at FIBI Pasadena. He only presents in LA once every two years and we are lucky to get him. I took David workshop years ago and was struck by the simple brilliance of how to make property management easier and more profitable. Having started in long term rentals as an investor I am always looking for systems that make direct ownership much lass of a hassle. The tenants, tantrums and toilets of long term rentals can both be overwhelming at times AS WELL AS a huge hit to you cash flow. David can teach you how to minimize that and so much more.

David will talk about:
Introduce you to a hassle-free Property Management System
Create cash flow with little of no capital
Become financially free and create the lifestyle you want.

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David Tilney:
David Tilney has owned and operated single-family houses for 38 years. He understands that real estate, if vacant, is not an asset but a liability. He also believes that his tenants are his greatest assets. David views his tenants as his on-site resident managers who are compensated with good long-term housing. Empowering tenants has allowed David and his wife, Mary, to spend 8 months each year in Naples FL and 4 months in Colorado Springs, without the need for any employees.

In 1984 David became a tenant and rented a house for 35 years, which he then sub-leased for a profit. By the end of 1996 David had leased and sub-leased over 100 houses. This business model has been so successful that one of his daughters and her husband support themselves and their family doing the same thing, as do many others who have studied and learned David’s systems.

John D. Rockefeller once said, “Own nothing, but control everything.” David has found master leasing to be a great way to control most of the benefits of real estate without all of the liabilities.