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A community facilitated by FUJIFILM camera users in Southern Africa. Membership is open to everyone, no matter what camera brand you use.

Interact with, share knowledge and enhance your user experience through face-to-face lounge events and activities with fellow members.

Whether you are a technical gearhead, a social enthusiast or anything in-between, you are certain to meet another like-minded shooters in this community.

We prize social engagement, participation and value active sharing of knowledge.

FOCUS Lounge events are hosted and organized around small groups honing-in on and discussing photography and videography issues and topics. We're not into big group presentations and talk-down events.

The topics of discussion are primarily related to subjects and issues of interest to the wider photographic and videography community, with only a select few being directly related to FUJIFILM products or equipment.

Join us, the first and only facilitated community, and help us enhance our shared experience of using our much loved cameras and equipment.

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FUJIFILM South Africa

Join Nathalie Boucry at this comprehensive session unlocking the power of the "Camera Remote App" for FUJIFILM cameras. The session comprises two parts: [17h45 to 18h45] "Open Q&A" for users who are new to the FUJIFILM X Series and anyone who has questions about how to setup or use their FUJIFILM gear. Bring your gear and get simple and clear answers to all of your questions so that you can get on with the joy of using your camera; and [19h00 to 20h00] "Camera Remote App Demystified", a practical session in which you will set up your Fujifilm camera, mobile phone and/or tablet with the Fujifilm Camera Remote App and learn how to share images in a jiffy! Learn how to set up your camera's wireless and bluetooth settings for hassle-free smartphone pairing, get an understanding of all of the functions of the newly updated app and learn how to navigate the various options as part of accelerating your workflow. After this session you are a hop, skip and a jump away from sharing your photographic moments with everyone in your circle, near and far away! About the TAME YOUR FUJIFILM series Are you a beginner, an enthusiast photographer or new to the FUJIFILM X Series? Have you moved over from a DSLR and need to wrap your head around this new system or are your curious about the FUJIFILM X system? Do you want to learn more but can’t get yourself to read your camera’s manual? Are technical reviews mumbo-jumbo to you and go straight over your head? If this is you, then “Tame Your Fujifilm” is the perfect series for you! "Tame Your Fujifilm" sessions are free, focussed sessions presented by Nathalie Boucry, X-Photographer, on behalf of FUJIFILM South Africa to help you learn to use and get the most out of your Fujifilm gear. You are welcome to share, invite and bring your photography friends too, and if you can't make it in person, join the livestream from 19h00 here: https://www.facebook.com/FujifilmSA/posts/2225443970825820

FUJIFILM NonStop | 24HourProject 2019

Maboneng Precinct

RSVP to participate in the 2019 edition of the 24Hour Project to be held in Johannesburg. The 24HourProject is an annual event that is held in cities all over the world. In Johannesburg, the event is sponsored by FUJIFILM South Africa and is open to everyone to participate, no matter which camera brand you use. The purpose of the event is to invite and encourage emerging photographers, aspiring photojournalists and visual storytellers from every city in the world to document humanity and make a difference by raising awareness about global issues and empowering NGOs. During the 24 hour event, participants share one photo every hour for twenty-four hours. Yep, one photo every hour, non-stop! The result is that on one single day, we get to see the world from a different point of view: humanity documented by local photographers that reaches millions of individuals and showcases the human connection through images and real life stories. If you are interested in participating, please RSVP so that you can receive detailed information before it is released to the general public.

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