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Calling anyone that believes that financial literacy and economic empowerment are must-have conversations--especially in communities of color. The facts remain:
-- It’s estimated that nearly two-thirds of Americans couldn't pass a basic financial literacy test. For Blacks and Latinos, that number is even less.

-- “Minority” financial planners are nearly nonexistent. Less than 3.5% of all the 80,000 Certified Financial Planners in the United States are Black or Latino.

-- Lack of Financial Education is linked to (not only disparities in wealth but also) Public Health, Public Policy, as well as Community Economics & Preservation

Bottom-line is, it is vital that communities of color learn to not only build wealth for our own families but also, learn how when we all learn wealth-building principles we’re building a foundation of prosperity that 1) our families can continue to build upon (as seen among the Rockefeller, Ford, & Walton families, just to name a few) and 2) will make our overall communities stronger economically for generations to come.
If we don’t learn how money works, we’ll spend the rest of our lives just working for it. Meetups will occur monthly (twice a month on occasion) and will cover basic finance 101 topics to help clarify where to begin in response to the widely felt self-realization that….” I GOTTA GET MY LIFE TOGETHER!!”
MeetUps will be workshop/seminar in style and will cover topics like:

-- Adulting 101: Where Do I Start and What should I Be Thinking About When Trying to Get my Financial Life in Order

-- Examining the History of People of Color in relation to Wealth and the Financial Industry

-- Credit 101: What is Credit? What is a Credit Score? What affects it and how do I build/repair it? How to Address Delinquencies? How do I deal with collection agencies? How can I make dealing with my credit less intimidating? (this section may be 2 parts)

-- Debt 101: What is Debt? Bad debt vs. Good debt: is there really such a thing? How to deal with student loan debt? Is it possible to ever really be debt-free?

-- Basics of Investing 101:

-- Real Estate 101: Intro to residential real estate. Intro to Wholesaling. Intro to Financing. Intro to Buying & Flipping. Intro to Buying & Holding. Intro to Building Your Real Team (this section will likely be 2 parts and will involve participation of current real estate investors)

-- Legacy 101: Retirement planning begins in your 20s. Tips to retire when and how you want. What happens if Im starting late? Protecting the Wealth you Build: How a 26 year old was prepared but a 76 year old was not.

-- Starting a Business 101:

The tips learned in the seminars above will not only give audiences a solid foundation to start their wealth-building journey but also help protect our communities from financial predators.

Upcoming events (2)

Understand the Game: Why Wealth Building Has Been Challenging in Our Communities

REMEMBER OUR GROUP RULE...Bring a Notebook & Bring a Friend!! :-) WARNING: This class is likely to have attendees feeling disturbed (in the beginning) by the discussion and examples of bias laws and blatant systemic regulations that have contributed to the increasing wealth divide between communities of color and other communities. In addition to covering the history of intentional wealth suppression in communities of color, we'll also highlight POSITIVE examples of historical and current-day individual and collective wealth building examples to give us an idea of how we can implement large scale wealth-building in our own families and communities.

Wine & Wealth: The Basics of Investing 101

Needs a location

REMEMBER OUR GROUP RULE...Bring a Notebook & Bring a Friend! During this workshop, we'll review common investing strategy concepts as well as the mindset necessary to shift from a person simply being a Saver into becoming an Investor. We'll help attendees get a basic understanding of different types of investing, the importance of having an investor mindset before you choose to invest, as well as some interactive activities to jump start your interest learning about (and investing in) the global economy. The 'For the Culture' team is excited to partner with Ivery Arie on this event. Ivery Arie: The Contemporary African Woman is an empowerment platform that serves to inspire African women through their own stories. To learn more about their group, visit them at www.iveryarie.com.

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