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Drones are an incredibly liberating technology that have countless application possibilities. One of these possibilities is fitting a camera on a drone, putting goggles on your eyes to receive the image and fly these marvellous machine with first-person-view (FPV). You can go freestyle in open fields, loop trees, cruise mountains or go race through gates & flags or in abandoned buildings.

This meetup is all about FPV drone racing & freestyle. Whether you're just interested in FPV drones and want to see some rip the air or if you've been in the RC world for years, this FPV meetup is all about getting as much people interested in the hobby united.

Bring your friends, join in early & get to know other pilots. Talk about each others builds, motors, ESC's, flight controllers, antenna's... Do you prefer Betaflight, Kiss or Raceflight? High Kv or low Kv? 2306 or 2207? Cloverleaf, patch, pagoda or helical antenna? Tiny whoop, 5" powerhouse or DJI Mavic? What about 3D prints?
What is your weapon of choice? Share your experience and learn from others.

Connect with other people, learn form other pilots and fly!

The festival area at Blancefloerlaan @ Antwerp linkeroever is our homebase where we meet on sundays regularly, if the weather allows it. Feel free to join in any time! Fun meetups and meeting new people every time.

Unlimited pilots & spectators
No FAI/VML/... licence required

Freestyle: no limit transmission power

Race: 25mw @ raceband channels

We'll be looking for pilots with DVR & HD recording capabilities to make a featured aftermovie of the collected footage of our meetups.

=========== GUIDELINES ===========

Opstijgen en inpluggen tijdens een event gebeurt op minstens 7 meter van de andere piloten.

Landen gebeurt op minstens 7 meter van de andere piloten.

Het terughalen van de quad na een crash kan pas nadat je duidelijk hebt meedegedeeld aan je mede piloten dat je op het circuit komt.

Het terughalen van de quad tijdens een race gebeurt wanneer iedereen geland of gecrasht is.

Vlieg je een gate omver ga deze dan ook zelf terug zetten.

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