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If you speak native English or Spanish AND you want to practice speaking English or Spanish... Join this group! Si hablas español o ingles Y quieres practicar y mejorar tu inglés o español... Únete a este grupo!

100% Free! We meet for coffee, drinks, at parks, etc!

Overall purpose

The purpose of this group is to form a reliable and fun community of language learners - in particular, Spanish and English language learners.


As a group, our goal is to improve our fluency in the language we are learning, especially with regard to speaking.

Your individual goal may be to improve from a beginner level to an intermediate, or from an intermediate level to an advanced. Another goal may be to meet new people with whom you can practice the language. Whatever your personal goals are, it is required that you’re mindful of the fact that we all have our own goals. For this reason, we try to make sure we speak an equal amount of time in both languages.

Facts about Structure & Logistics

The meetings are:

• face-to-face

• typically 2 hours long, although sometimes people stay longer

• In various locations - sometimes bars, sometimes parks, sometimes coffee shops

• Usually after work, or on weekends

We rotate in 30 minute increments between English and Spanish. For example, the entire group will speak in Spanish from 6:30 - 7:00, then the entire group in English from 7:00 - 7:30pm, and then repeat. There is, of course, flexibility in this, but this is the general structure.


Maintaining your accurate RSVP is required in order to:

• Ensure that the organizers aren’t waiting around for people who won’t show up

• Ensure we have enough space/tables at the bar

• Ensure that the staff is prepared at whatever bar we are in

3 Commandments - 3 Mandamientos

Be an active learner! Bring a pen, a notebook and energy! Sé un estudiante activo! Llévate un bolígrafo, un cuaderno, y energía.

Correct people! We are all here to learn and improve! Corrige a los demás! Estamos aquí para aprender y mejorar!

Hold sustained conversations in each language. If you don’t know a word, describe it in the language you’re trying to learn! Ten conversaciones continuas en ambos idiomas. Si no puedes recordar una de palabra, explícala en el idioma que estás aprendiendo.

Lessons from Research - Lecciones de Investigaciones

Speaking is an important element of acquiring another language because it forces us to be comprehensible, coherent, and grammatically correct.

Hablar es un elemento muy importante para adquirir otro idioma porque nos hace ser comprensibles, coherentes, y correctos gramaticalmente.

Dialogue, “give-and-take” between native and non-native speakers is a crucial element of the language learning process.

El diálogo entre hablantes nativos y personas que están aprendiendo es un elemento crucial del proceso de aprendizaje de un idioma.

We must think about the content of our conversations. Ensure that your contributions are rich and meaningful.

Tenemos que pensar sobre el contenido de nuestras conversaciones. Asegurad que sus contribuciones son valiosas y con significado.

When we are learning through dialogue, we need to hear examples, practice, and receive feedback.

Cuando estamos aprendiendo a traves del diálogo, necesitamos oir ejemplos, practicar, y recibir critica constructiva.

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