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Midweek neti neti meditation
A journey from pieces to peace, clutter to clarity and form to formless. Nothing new needs to be added only the subtracting of forms. Be free from everything. Here is a website with more information. Come together in Truth, meditation, love and beautiful gathering where sublime words are blended with universal wisdom. These gatherings can truly allow you to be in a sacred space of peace and presence. This can be experienced through a session: Deeper understanding of communicating with yourself. A place of healing and letting go of the past. Emotional release and fresh start. Obtaining the tools from going from clutter to clarity A release from anxiety and stress Improved relationships and developing new ways to create powerful ones. Reaching your inner untapped potential A sudden awareness of your unchanging real self

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Need to jump into the deep end of peace? you have come to the right place. Join free neti neti yoga meditation. Neti Neti is the forefather of all meditations. Neti Neti is a sanskrit word meaning 'not this not that' and by recognising all the forms we are NOT we are able to realise the peace (formless) we are. This is the core practise of Jnana Yoga 'Yoga of Wisdom'. Jnana (wisdom or knowledge) is considered the most direct, difficult and powerful of the four main paths of all Yogas to lead to peace and liberation. Using Neti Neti Meditation the mind is used to inquire into its own nature and to transcend the mind's identification with its thoughts and ego. All are welcome to enjoy this meditative yoga.

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