Midweek neti neti meditation

FREE Neti Neti Yoga Meditation in the Midlands
FREE Neti Neti Yoga Meditation in the Midlands
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A journey from pieces to peace, clutter to clarity and form to formless. Nothing new needs to be added only the subtracting of forms. Be free from everything. Here is a website with more information. http://www.formlessmeditation.com

Come together in Truth, meditation, love and beautiful gathering where sublime words are blended with universal wisdom. These gatherings can truly allow you to be in a sacred space of peace and presence.

This can be experienced through a session:

Deeper understanding of communicating with yourself.
A place of healing and letting go of the past.
Emotional release and fresh start.
Obtaining the tools from going from clutter to clarity
A release from anxiety and stress
Improved relationships and developing new ways to create powerful ones.
Reaching your inner untapped potential
A sudden awareness of your unchanging real self

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