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Therapist and friendship researcher, Miriam Kirmayer says that over time, it gets harder for adults to form meaningful friendships.

Big Girl Interrupted is ecstatic to be hosting a Women's Friendship Social (WFC) event where women 35+ can connect and build relationships in a supportive community. Our goal is to interrupt the current reason why we struggle with making new

3 reasons why Big Girl Interrupted believe friendship is hard to make…

We all have busy lives Our family, jobs and society has a high expectation of us. We feel like we don’t have the skills it takes to make friends anymore. We may also feel embarrassed or find it difficult to meet new people. It's hard to step outside our comfort zone.

Key takeaways...

You will have a clear understanding of why friendships are so important in our lives. You will leave feeling supported and excited knowing that there will be other events.

You will meet people face to face giving yourself a break from the online world.

Please be advised that therapist and friendship researcher, Miriam Kirmayer is not affiliated with this Big Girl Interrupted event, however, BGI is a proud supporter and believer of her work and community. For more information about Miriam Kirmayer research and community to go to the links below



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Our Mission is to...

Host paid and FREE monthly events in different parts of the city where women can have fun, meet new people and develop new friendships in a supportive community.

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What are women talking about?

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