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Concurrency with Agents and BDD with TickSpec

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Tomas Petricek ( Writing concurrent applications using agents

In this talk I will show you how to implement message passing concurrency in F# using agents (the MailboxProcessor type in F#). In this style of programming, we write application as a group of agents that run in parallel and communicate by sending immutable messages to each other. This removes sharing of mutable state making the application scalable and easier to understand. However, the required application structure is quite different. We’ll discuss several common patterns that you can use for structuring agent-based applications. For example, we’ll look how to implement pipeline processing and map-reduce pattern using agents.

Phil Trelford ( TickSpec ( - BDD for C# & F#

TickSpec is a lightweight Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) framework for C# and F#. Specify the behaviour of your system in plain text with the Gherkin business language. Then run and debug your text specifications from inside Visual Studio.
This talk will look at some lessons learned from some recent projects where BDD was applied. Starting with insights from Business Analyst Anne-Marie King and Tester James Banton, including tips on how to get started constructing good specifications, along with some developer tips for testing asynchronous applications including the use of agents.

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