So you want to be an Event Organizer on the group?

Needs a location


Got an idea for an event or an event you want to do?

This meetup is a giant collaboration. In that vein we welcome new organizers.

If you wish to become an Organizer on group. RSVP'ing here is a start and shows your agreement with the group rules for posting.

These are basic rules all organizers must abide by and work within. Mostly they are all about showing a respect for the members.

If you are currently an Organizer on the group you are RSVP'd to this event. Staying RSVP'd to it will signify your agreement with the terms herein.

If you are currently an Organizer and you post events that in one way or another are not in compliance your host status will be removed pending discussion with lead organizer of the group.

If you current have events posted that are outside the bounds of what is permitted your events will be edited by Admin or you may edit your events to have them be in compliance.
You may also contact the lead organizer and ask for permission, exception or waiver.

If you have an arrangement with another organizer or an old organizer you will still need to contact the lead organizer to establish a new relationship and new arrangements.

Best Practices or the rules simplified.

1.) No Emailing and no using the "discussion" box
2.) No outside links
3.) All events are Hosted. There are no "no host" events.
4.) List any money costs in the first 2 or 3 lines.
5.) Special note about Repeat Events.
6.) Special note about city or area in title

Not too many rules. Not too complicated. They all have to do with respect for the membership.

1.) No Emailing AND No Discussion Box
The one BIG BIG rule I have is NOBODY messages the general membership via the email feature. Post the event and let Meetup send out all the notices. The discussion box is just another way for you to send spam. So that is closed, and only for the use and management by and of the (main) organizer only.

2.) No Outside links:
No links to other meetups. No links to other social media (no instagram, no eventbrite, no twitter, no facebook, no ticketleap, no etc).
For instance: Do not just put a Facebook link. Copy all the wording and put the words. Plain and simple; Link's are lazy. So don't be lazy!!!
You want them to click the RSVP. So you don't give any other option that may lead them away from the event page.
*** If you "need" outside links of any sort: Contact the lead organizer BEFORE you use them. After is too late.

3.) Meetup does not allow "No Host" events. You or the listed Event Host will be there and present. You will welcome and make sure people can find you or the meetup area. And that people will be able to actually be able to meet others from meetup. If members in attendance report you are not attending your events you will not be allowed to continue to post events. If you want to post an "informational" event then go and post it on Craigslist.

4.) List money costs in the first few lines.
This has to do with email notices. The email version of the event sends the first few lines of the writeup. If it's free, . . .say it's free. If it costs . . . say it early so people have the info.
If it is free it is best to include the word "Free" in the title.

5.) Events can repeat no more than every three weeks, unless you get permission ahead of time.
When making a repeating event DO NOT USE the auto-scheduling feature. After your event occurs log on and list it again.
The Auto-pilot is a problem as people forget they listed. They don't show up and people do. The complaints end up being filed against the group and not the organizer that bailed.
If you use the "repeat" feature it will be edited and the future ones edited off.

6.) List the city or area in the title. You get better turnout and less flakes.

There are some general guidelines to making great events
General Guidelines:
A.) Great Copy
B.) Great Pix
C.) 4 weeks notice is best.