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I hope you are all ok and have managed during the worst of the lock-down.
As things start to open up, we can put on more events. However, please make sure you are comfortable in coming along to these public areas and anyone who is still shielding or unsure, it's best you don't come along for the time being. Bring masks if you want.
If you feel unwell in any way, please do not come to any meetup.

Before you attend meetups, especially those indoors, I'd advise us all to take the free LFT Covid test that we can do at home - you can order packs (https://www.gov.uk/order-coronavirus-rapid-lateral-flow-tests) or collect free from pharmacies. I also advise you take these tests twice a week to ensure you are not infectious, even if you don't have symptoms,.

Many indoor events will now want to see your Covid Passport and it is your responsibility to have this available for the venue. You can sign up for this at https://gov.wales/get-your-nhs-covid-pass


If you test positive after any event, you MUST let me and/or the event host know immediately so I can inform others.

Any suggestions for events would be great.

regards and hope to see you all soon.
Fabs Teams

This is Fab 40's & Beyond Fun, friendship and laughter is the motto of our group. We love meeting up for coffee & a chat, evenings out, weekends away and holidays, infact, the possibilities are endless.

Membership is open to all, as long as you're over 40, whether you're single, married, divorced or widowed. We are NOT a dating site but if you are looking to meet new people, expand your social circle and make lasting friendships, why not read on and find out more...

Fab 40's & Beyond has grown from strength to strength with members contributing and organizing events across Cardiff, the Vale and beyond.
Every member is able to suggest an event and/or Host an event, infact, we encourage it! If you have an idea you can almost guarantee there will be another member who wants to join in. one of the team will work with you, or will organize it for you.

There are currently 6 members on the Leadership team -
Carrie is the organizer and Michele, Ceri, Barbara, Dawn and Andy are event organizers.

As with all groups, there has to be some rules, so although it can be boring reading them, please take the time as this will give you a complete overview and understanding of the group.\

Our Membership Policy:
Membership fees:
The cost of becoming a full member (Known as FAB'S from this point) will be £6 per annum which will be pro-rata in the first year. These fees go towards the cost, upkeep, PayPal charges and maintenance of the site & any costs that are incurred in arranging events.

From Jan 2020 annual subs will be just £6. New members joining from Jan 2020 will pay pro-rata until the end of their first year (equivalent to 50P per month).
Membership Subscriptions are due one month after your joining date. Hopefully, you will have attended at least one event, which will help you to decide if the group is right for you. If you have not attended an event, you will still have to pay the subscription to remain. If you do not pay the subscription, we will assume that Fab40's is not right for you and your membership will end.

You are welcome to bring a guest with you to an event, as long as they too are over 40, but if that guest attends more than 3 events, they will be asked to join and pay the annual subscription fee.

PLEASE NOTE you don't need to say 'not attending' to any event as long as you RSVP 'yes ' when wanting to attend anything, please keep your RSVPs up to date and pay deposits promptly please.
========================================================================================================. Membership fees / deposits are paid into the following bank accounts -
Santander Bank
Account name Carrie James/Fab40s
Account number 38465035
Sort code 09 01 29
you can now also pay by PayPal using - fab40s19@outlook.com or paypal.me/fab40sbeyond
you don't need a PayPal account to use it. \

just tap on the link, go to the PayPal.Me account, type in the amount, and send the money.
When paying for an event or subs please remember to put your name and what the payment is for on the reference. For example
**"Carrie membership" \

or if it's for an event "Carrie Marriott"**
Its very helpful if you'd comment when you've paid so it can be checked and confirmed with you.===============================================================================================
Organizers reserve the right to refuse a membership without explanation

Deposits for Events/Paying for an Event
From now on all meals will normally be limited to 14 members and we will request a deposit, a minimum of £10 refundable against your meal. This will be required by the date mentioned in the event or when you RSVP. FAB's are then required to send it to our PayPal or bank account - see above, where we will forward it. Please note that when a deposit is required it is NON-REFUNDABLE so please make sure that you are able to attend and you need to pay the deposit when you RSVP. If the event is cancelled or moved to a date you're unable to attend your deposit will be refunded.

If a deposit is not received by the requested date you may be removed from that event to allow anyone on the waiting list to attend.\

Some of our events are organised through a third party. Eg Weekends Away, Day Trips and Holidays. Organizers will have to contact the companies about any discounts. We will give you the full contact details and you are responsible for booking the event with them. YOU have to make the booking not just RSVP to the event.

All members must have a current full-face photo of themselves. Although we love cuddly toys and kittens, we cannot accept this as your ID. Photographs help us to recognize each other and also offers security.

Contact telephone numbers are also needed by the organizers so that if we get separated on an event, we can find each other, so you will be asked for your number by the event host.

Walks and Events
Walks and other events are arranged by the event host, but you attend at your own risk. The events are not professionally organised but considered a group of friends going on an event. The event host might advise you to wear walking boots or bring water/snacks. For walks, it might be noted if the walk is easy/moderate or hard so please make sure you read the notes to see if it's something you want to do. We will only wait for about 10 minutes past the event time.

We are all grown-ups and as such expect all FAB's to treat each other in a manner they would expect to be treated.
If at any time a FAB behaves in a manner that is unsociable, they will be removed from the group immediately without any refund of their subscription. Any deposits that have been paid, may be forfeited and all RSVPs cancelled.

This is not a dating site, so please do not contact any member unless you have met them and they have given permission. Anyone acting in an unacceptable manner will be removed from the group. We are a social group where we come together as friends and go on events together.\

If you have RSVPd to an event and you need to cancel, please update your RSVP. If it's very close to the event please also message the Event Host as soon as you can, so if we have booked a restaurant or similar, we may need to contact them to make any change to numbers or to let anyone on the waiting list have enough time to be able to come.

Failure to keep your RSVPs up to date without good cause may result in you being removed from the group.

If you are new to the group and would like another member to meet you outside for an event, that can easily be arranged, just message the event host. \

Some Tips to Get You Started
If after reading this page you decide that you would like to join, click on 'request to join'. Once you have been approved you will be able to see our entire site. All the events will be listed by date order. If an event appeals to you and you wish to attend. Click on the 'tick' button in the top right-hand corner. This will open a box asking if it is just you or if you would like to bring a guest (some events will not allow you to bring a guest if the numbers are limited and offered to Members first). If the event requires a deposit. Please pay the correct amount into the Groups bank account using your name and event date as a reference at the same time as you RSVP.

That's all there is to it! We hope to see you at an event soon.\

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