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Fabulous@50 - Are you a women 40 plus - 50+ (and beyond) who is wanting to connect with other women your age and have the opportunity to continue growing personally? If so...this is the group for you. This meetup group is the portal to the Fabulous@50 membership which you can join by going to www.fabulousat50.com.

If you are not living your life to the fullest, when will you start?

Right now I hope, join us for fun and explore what you need to be FABULOUS AT 50 together.

What we are about:

Fabulous@50 was started by the amazing Dianna Bowes in Edmonton a number of years ago. Please go to http://www.fabulousat50.com website to learn more about our inspirational founder and all about the organization.

Fabulous@50 is here to bring women 40 - 50+ (and beyond) together with the core values of Compassion, Empowerment, Community, Fun and Gratitude. Our vision is to build a vibrant, global community that inspires, educates and empowers Baby Boomer women through compassionate relationships with each other on the journey of personal development.

I have really been enjoying developing the Toronto Chapter and the community of over 750 women that have join us and want to be part of this exciting new organization in Toronto - I think it is long overdue!

Our events feature inspirational and informative guests speakers touching on a variety of topics that are of interest to women in our age group. As well as socials to do fun things together and build friendships.

Our 1st Fabulous@50 launch event was held on May 15th at Creeds Coffee Shop on Dupont - It was a Fabulous success with almost 50 women attending.

I hope to be seeing you at an upcoming Fab@50 event - we always have so much fun when we get together!!

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Fab@50 'Let's Do Drinks Together Ladies!'

Proof The Vodka Bar


Come out and join our group of FABULOUS and like minded women for an evening out, a drink or two and some great conversations! This is a perfect opportunity to get out, meet new friends and be in the company of women who encourage, support and inspire each other - we always have a great time when we get together Please spread the word and bring a friend - the more the merrier!! Cost: $5.00 via e transfer to [masked] or paypal

Fab@50 Self Care Sunday

Creeds Coffee Bar


Fabulous@50 is very excited to announce we have kicked off a monthly 'Self Care Sunday Series' in 2019 with Life Coach Jennifer Gaudette This is a monthly 2 hour interactive meeting over coffee, to discuss and support self care for you It is about finding out what you need to improve your life, your health, your relationships and your future - because if you are not happy, fulfilled and feeling good about yourself, mind, body and soul, then you are not living your best life...and isn't that what life is all about? We think so! What Is Self Care For You? Learn how you can start and/or continue to put 'self care' at the top of your 'to do list' and why it is so important This will be a facilitated discussion on why women in their 50's and beyond really need to make themselves, their health and well being a top priority and why it is never too late to start taking good care of yourself. Self care is not selfish, it's essential! We may find we feel bad when we take time for us or that self-care is a luxury that we can rarely afford. The cost of not taking preventive self-care often is depletion of our minds and bodies. By the time we get some downtime, it is often too late. We tell ourselves we have to earn our "me-time", or wait until everything else is done. We all have a very natural human need for slowing down, time outside, renewing walks, sleep meditation and reflection. Join us to find ways to add self-care to your busy life and build daily rituals and a menu of daily nourishment. What are the underlying beliefs, mindsets or practices that are keeping you from putting yourself first? How can you offer everyone else your most energized version of you? *Please join us for an afternoon all about YOU* We encourage members to attend monthly but it is not a requirement, so come every month, or come when you can...we will learn with and support each other on our journey's to honour and take better care of ourselves Our Facilitator: Health and Career Coach Jennifer Gaudette www.upspringwellness.ca

Food Labels - Great Tips and Info for Understand What You Are Eating

Food Labels - Tips to Understand What You Are Eating Have you ever read the ingredient label on a food product and it had you scratching your head? Are food labels confusing you? Do they even make sense? Do you think the product you are eating is healthy because the label on the front of the package says so? How do we know if a product is good for us to eat? What is the label trying to tell you? For example: Non-GMO, Organic, Gluten Free, Salt Free, All Natural, No Sugar Added, Multi-Grain or Wholewheat? Fat Free, Zero Trans Fat, Is that a lot of sodium? What is dextrose? Natural flavouring? Simulated flavour? Carmel colouring? This coffee and conversation is about learning to read food labels and discovering what they mean. Food labeling is a requirement by the government and must meet specific requirements. And still some products are labelled in a way that makes it difficult to understand or perhaps even deceive. How the product is described on the front of the label does not always jive with the nutritional label or the ingredient list. Why is that? Don't read the front of the package - read the back both the nutritional label and the ingredient list. Bring your favourite food package and learn to read what it means. This will be a light-hearted way to becoming an educated consumer. Get curious and learn to understand exactly what you are eating. Cost: $10. via e transfer to [masked] or paypal Our Facilitator: Caryl Ayearst Registered Holistic Nutritionist www.hearttoheartnutrition.ca

Uncovering and Living Your Purpose in 3 Simple Steps

Green Beanery


Do you ever feel there is more you are meant to be doing with your life, but aren't quite sure what that is or how to go about doing it? Are you looking to create a more passionate, purposeful and meaningful life? Join life coach Andra in her signature experiential talk. In this mini-workshop, you will: Find out the #1 key to waking up excited on Monday mornings. Uncover One new skill you didn't know you had! Discover tools that will help you radiate confidence in any situation. Walk away with a plan of action to bring more passion and purpose into your life. And Learn the 3 Simple Steps to Uncovering Your Purpose! Looking forward to helping you make 2019 a year that you are excited about! LIFE IS SHORT. BE WHO YOU ARE. DO WHAT YOU LOVE! Cost: $20. via e transfer to [masked] or paypal For more info about Andra visit: awakenyourinspiration.com

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Fab@50 Monthly Book Club

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