What we're about

Welcome! This group is about helping switched on Facilitators, Coaches, Change-Makers, and Practitioners, grow all the way into Enlightened, Powerful, Free-Spirited Leaders, fulfilling their mission to transform the lives of others - and create a more beautiful, conscious and regenerated world.

So many facilitative leaders aren't reaching their potential or making the impact that they are deeply called by!

Some are held back by low confidence, lack of entrepreneurial skills, or finding a method that fits - but this can be easily resolved, and the Earth needs you now!

Don't be a good coach or facilitator, be extraordinary! This isn't merely about being a successful coach, but being a successful agent of transformation at a paradigm shifting time on our planet, where we are being called to step up as Creators of a New Earth!

Expand your skills with personal energetic mastery, develop as an entrepreneur in order to truly reach and serve people, find a system of working that truly empowers your individuality!

Whether you are already blazing a path as a Leading Facilitator or are just beginning your leadership journey, it's my mission to help you to further yours.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

In community spirit,


P.S. if this message strongly resonates for you and you'd like a conversation to see if I can help you transform to the next level, please get in touch.

Please also join this growing community of leaders who are committed to co-creating a New Earth!

More information can be found at www.unifiedcoherence.com.

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Facilitative Leaders Circle

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