What we're about

This is a group for experienced entrepreneurs who have experienced both success and failure in their own business ventures. The group provides a place to reflect, gain perspective, and evolve in community.

Values inherent to our group:

- Thoughtfulness

- Supportive but honest feedback (please be polite but also seek to be direct)

- Ability to be open-minded

- An interest in serving others while learning for oneself


This is an egalitarian fellowship of entrepreneurs meant to help each other grow. People will be at different stages of success, but their voice is weighted the same as everyone else's insofar as the discussion. This is a tricky dynamic to run without any familiarity between members, and yet such a group has potential to be a very positive, powerful fellowship in one's work.

- The first meeting is evaluative for both the group and the potential members. Members are invited back based on their ability to contribute in a positive and open-minded manner that is productive for other members. If a member becomes an issue for any other member after the initial meeting, they will be given a head's up prior to not being invited back.

- Business coaching, consulting, or other types of networking for sales are not allowed.

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Second Meeting: New Members Welcome

Taraccino Coffee

Initial Meeting

Taraccino Coffee

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