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This is a group for anyone who is determined to succeed in the real estate business. We are business owners, risk takers, investors, marketers - anyone who wants to learn and contribute to a group of people with a goal.

We all know about the power of positive thinking and the mastermind success model. This is a way for people to get together and network, and discuss ideas and strategies for business. Anyone is welcome, not just established business owners!

If you are interested in personal finance or Real Estate anywhere in the DMV, this is the place to be!
We will be meeting on a monthly basis. Every first Thursday of the month in the Tysons Corner area. We are all about education and networking and improving the lives of our members. I look forward to meeting you in person.

Admission is FREE!

Thanks! Joe Arlt, Organizer

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Online Event: How To Achieve Financial Freedom Using Lease Options!

Tell someone you're a “Real Estate Investor” and they'll assume you're either a “Landlord” or a “Flipper.” And then they'll tell you how Uncle Fred's tenants trashed his property, or how a contractor ran off with his money. These niches can be very profitable, but they do have substantial disadvantages. Landlording sounds great, on paper. You make a little cash flow each month, and in 30 years the property's free and clear and worth several times what you paid for it! But then there are the “Tenants and Toilets” issues. Flipping has problems too. To buy and rehab these junkers you need lots of cash or expensive hard money. Holding costs, closing costs, and income taxes eat up a lot of your profits. And then there are those pesky Contractors.... What if we could reap the benefits of Landlording and Flipping while avoiding most of their negatives? WE CAN!! The solution is Lease Options. The potential deals are plentiful, and the supply of potential buyers for them is huge! I've done over 600 of these deals, and am buying new ones every month. Join us for our next Meetup, where we will go over all of the ins and outs of the Lease Option strategy. This may be a life-changing event! Joe Arlt, Organizer

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October Topic: How To Earn Profits Flipping Houses!

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