Character Creation and One-Shot

This is a past event

28 people went


11620 Monument Dr · Fairfax, VA

How to find us

We'll have a Beginner D&D sign, along with some character sheets and dice. I'll post where specifically we are in the Wegmans Market Cafe around 5:30pm so that you can find us.

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NOTE: This event will offer both 3rd level and 12th level play. If you don't mind, please comment which level you'd be more interested in so that we can get an idea of how many groups for each we'll need. Thanks!

Let's get together and play some D&D! We'll be running a one-shot with third-level OR twelfth-level characters in 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons. Come with a character prepared or make one together with us! Beginners, we can guide you through the character creation process, but it might be a good idea to come with a character concept already in mind (race, class, background, etc).

The 3rd level one-shot we are running is beginner-friendly, so don't be intimidated if you haven't played before.

6:00pm - Character building (Level 3 Characters)
7:00pm - One-shot play
9:30pm - Wrap-up & socialize as a group, compare experiences
10:00pm - Event ends, but feel free to stick around and keep playing if you haven't finished

Even if you already have a character prepared, please plan to be there by 6:45pm at the latest so that we can assign you to a group and play can get started around 7:00pm.

Zach and Alaina will be there at 5:30pm for anyone who wants to get there early or needs some extra help building their character.

There will be five DMs available to run the one-shots, and groups are capped at around 5 players per DM for this one-shot. If you like your group members, feel free to exchange information to form a more regular group!

If you are interested in playing the third-level one-shot, pay attention to the following: while making your character, keep in mind that you will be playing as a part of a team of others and your character should be willing to cooperate with them. If this, for you, means not making an Evil character, take that into account. Also, please stick to the Basic Rules and the Player's Handbook, for this one-shot. There will be time to explore other races, classes, and sub-classes at later meetups, but this one is intended to be very beginner-friendly.

If you are interested in playing the twelfth-level one-shot, please come with a character already prepared. Keep in mind that you will be a part of a team, so please avoid making an Evil character. Any official source-books are fair game for making your character. Feats, multiclassing, etc are also okay. You will start with one Rare item of your choice, so choose that before you come, as well. (If you are using the same character from last time and received items during the one-shot, please still only use one item for this event.)

We'll provide some paper character sheets, but feel free to bring your own. If you would prefer a digital character sheet, please bring a device to make/view one on. Also, if you have dice, feel free to bring them. We only have a few extra sets, so the more dice, the better!

We are actively looking for DMs! If you would like to DM this or a later one-shot, please contact me (Alaina) and I'll give you some information and see if it would be a good fit.

We look forward to seeing you there!