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Getting to a better place in family relationships.

Sometimes changing ourselves or our relationships can seem overwhelming and out of reach. Family Constellations looks to our ancestors for answers, resolving present day problems in ways we could not have imagined. According to this system, problem solving can't happen within the confines of ingrained patterns. Family Constellations offers a solution outside of limited dynamic.

Open to all. No experience Necessary!

This is a group for anyone interested in personal growth. Family & Systems Constellations help heal relationships of all kinds; advance personal development, solve work related issues, anything that beckons a resolution. What you will get: A better understanding of how the relations and ancestors of our past influence the present and that new insights, more peace and resolution can happen quickly.

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Healing Inherited Pain: Family Constellation Tue, Mar., 12

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FROM PATTERN TO PEACE Experience a family constellation. Our DNA carries centuries worth of our families' stories. Family Constellations traverse that terrain, reaching into the field of collective knowledge and being in an effort to create lasting shift, peace and resolution in present day situations, for future generations and surprisingly, for those who have gone before us. FORMAT: The client for the session will state something that they want to work on. The sky's the limit. Felt pieces are chosen, which are laid on the floor, representing the client and various other people and/or aspects of the problem. Volunteer participants stand on the felts and, with the help of the facilitator, relay thoughts, feelings and sensations they pick up from who or what they are representing. Constellations have a magical way of sending healing for all. No experience necessary; you don't need to "know what to do." Open to all. No experience Necessary. Whether you're a client, participant or observer, family constellations will make positive shifts within you. WHAT YOU WILL GET: A better understanding of how the relations and ancestors of our past influence the present, and that new insights and resolution can happen quickly. A shift in your own, personal experience, even if you aren't the client. If you would like to be a client, please contact me, [masked]. COST: Participant/Observer fee: $20 PARKING ****PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON BELLE AVENUE **** Please make sure there is a 12 foot space between your car and any parked car across the street. Tickets have been issued.

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