Puzzled Pint


This month we will be in the Fairfax. See below for more details on location.

Do you like solving puzzles? Join the Freethinkers for problem-solving, food, and fun at Puzzled Pint!

From the website: What kind of puzzles are these? Similar to The Game or the MIT Mystery Hunt, these are not typical "puzzles". They are often direction-less, and may incorporate traditional puzzles like crosswords, word searches, cryptograms, jigsaw puzzles, word play, and logic problems. If you like any sort of logic or word puzzle, you'll like these.

We'll form into teams of 2-5 players depending on the number of people who show up. It's not a competition and you don't win anything when you complete the puzzles, but they do release team rankings later in the month, so you can see how your team compares!

If you've never done this before, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you check out these resources:
What is Puzzled Pint? This flyer gives a good idea of what the evening is all about: http://www.puzzledpint.com/files/2614/6091/0863/What_is_Puzzled_Pint.pdf
Puzzle Basics: http://www.puzzledpint.com/files/3513/8254/7894/2013_10_22_Puzzling_Basics_Infographic.pdf
Code Sheet (you might want to print this out and bring it with you): http://www.puzzledpint.com/files/3614/6881/3541/CodeSheet_07_2016.pdf
Make sure to bring a pencil with a good eraser!

Nobody knows the exact location until the Friday before the hunt, and they release it in the form of a puzzle! It will be posted on the main page of their website: http://www.puzzledpint.com/