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***Free THURSDAY Night High School Stadium Turf Outdoor pickup 845pm to 1045pm*
We will play outdoor pickup soccer, please no beginners, you have to pass the ball to players that are open. Please bring a black and white shirt, no grey. Reminders * Play at your own risk * Advanced players please, CO-ED * Good sportsmanship required * It's a friendly match = small goals/cones * No goalies * No slide tackling w/ liberal out of bounds * Please bring one dark and one white shirt * No grey or stripe * Shin guards are recommended, but not required * Bring water * Game on rain or shine

Annandale High School

4700 Medford Drive · Annandale, VA

What we're about

This meetup is not for beginners, this meetup was created for people that are very competitive and are sick of going to soccer meetups where people have never played soccer before or just pass to people that they know and ignore new comers.

This meetup is for people who have played soccer their entire lives and can play really fast and can move the ball quickly. Since we have the field for 2 and a half hours, we invite exactly 18 people and make 3 teams of 6. We have the winner stay on, however if the winner ties, they have to come off. The games are 7 minutes long and we use the scoreboard to keep official time so no one cheats. If one team is too dominate, we will break them up so that every team has an equal chance of winning and the only thing that should separate us is desire.

The field has no walls, so we rarely have any injuries and there is no slide tackling. We play with normal size goals and we normally have goalies with gloves that show up to play.

We normally have music in the background and we provide pennies for each of the three teams. The only thing we ask from our members is for you to be a good soccer player. Please move without the ball, please pass and share the ball with others and please get back on defense.

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