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The name of this meetup group has been changed to better reflect the purpose of the group and the interests of its members

Originally, the group was organized to find companions interested in traveling to London and the UK, and to find some new friends who share my love for the UK and all things British. Our first trip to LONDON was a great success! More will follow about our recent trip and future trips will be posted shortly.

However, regarding local British-related social events, the only interest has been in meeting for TEA. So, I have changed the name to reflect the meetup's new focus on travel and occasional local tea events. We can also do other social activities if we like, but we will definitely be meeting for tea throughout the year.

This meet up is for anyone interested travelling to London and other UK destinations. Solo travelers, friends traveling together, seniors, young adults, and families are welcome. You will find that the flexibility of our planned trips is the perfect way to see London and the rest of the UK.

If you have no interest in travelling with us but would enjoy meeting over tea and chatting about all things British, you are very welcome to join us!

Please check back to see how our trip to London went and to keep up with local events and upcoming travel dates!



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Let's go to Dublin, Edinburgh & London!


Let's have Afternoon TEA!

Aylesbury Tea Room and Antique Center

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