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This group is for anyone interested in playing a card game. that involves a touch of luck, and a lot of cards. This strategic game, full of excitement is a version of Canasta, but much more exciting! The object of the game is to play all 22 cards in a "Hand and a Foot", 11 cards each in first round, 12 each in second hand, 13 cards in third hand and 14 cards in fourth and final round. exact count on each round is 100 points

meld in 1st round 50

meld in 2nd round 90

meld in 3rd round 120

meld in 4th round 150

must be 3 cards in each meld. clean meld...all of one suit dirty meld...suit of 2 and one wild card

amount of clean and dirty books for the game is determined before the game begins: ex: 2 clean and 3 dirty

in singles game is per person, partners 2/3 together.

you can not get in your foot until all your cards from the hand are down on the table melded.

black 3's can be meld on two different times, to get to your foot (3 or more) or going out (3 or more). There is no count for these melds.

a meld of 7 (only) deuces is worth 2000 points.

going out is worth 500 points

caught with red threes in your hand at the end of the game, costs you 500 points against your count.

This group is for the shear pleasure of being together and enjoying a friendly game of cards. No pressure, just friendship.

Please Note: Members who are not active in group events will be removed so that others who are interested in attending events will have the opportunity.

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