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Sunday Indoor Volleyball

Who Should Play

This Meetup is for competitive play. BB and A level players are welcome. (See bottom for Skill Level description) The Organizers/Assistant Organizers will be watching everyone's skill level. If you don't meet the minimum BB requirement, you may receive an email asking you to improve certain skills before you will be allowed to return. We reserve the right to remove you due to inadequate skill level / bad attitude / non-improvement.

Thanks for understanding.

We play coed sixes(or fewer) with rally scoring on men's height nets. We have the gym for a four hour period each Meetup. We start by setting up the nets, stretching/warming up, then we will begin with a warm up game until 16 players show up. At that point we split the people up by numbering teams 1-4. Remember your number! Additional people join until we are full. Once on a team you will play 3 games rally scoring to 25. Winning teams play on one side, second place on the other. After 3 games we will re-number teams. Please note that we play nearly the whole time. We have a couple short breaks during re-numbering of the teams and money collection time but that is about it. Please be ready to play!

Please RSVP(sign up!!) on the Meetup if you want to play. If we are maxed out on the meetup, join the wait list. If someone cancels their rsvp, those on the wait list will receive an email saying there is an opening. The first one to change to yes will get the spot. If you live in the area you can take a chance and show up without a spot. If you do, please let me or the other organizer know that you are not on the list for the day. You can play for free until the last person who RSVP'd shows up. If someone no shows and you get to play the whole time then it will be $6. If multiple people show up without a spot the first person to show up gets priority to play (that way if there is a no show and they pay they will be getting their money's worth)

RSVP Deadlines: If you can't make it, change your RSVP NO LATER THAN 2 days prior to the Meetup at 5PM(I.E. If you are signed up for a Saturday you must change your RSVP by Thursday by 5pm.. or Sunday would be Friday by 5pm). If you change to a "No" by the deadline, you are off the hook. If you miss the deadline and nobody takes your spot, I have to charge you anyway. (If someone does fill in for your spot, you will not be charged.) If you no show, you still owe the money and you risk being kicked off this Meetup.


It's going to be $6 per person/per Meetup ($6 Cash or $6.50 Paypal for first timers only).

If you sign up for both sessions, it is $10. (10.61 Paypal for fist timers only)

This is for a 4 hour window at the gym. I have to pay for the registration fees for everyone, opening/closing fees, and an hourly custodial charge whether you show up or not. This is quite expensive so please be sure to show up and bring payment. See below.


First Timers: Because I have had more no-shows from new people than anyone else, I am now requiring pre-payment via Paypal for first timers. If you are a first timer, you must pre-pay via Paypal. Go to and click Send Money. Please Paypal 10.61 to [masked]. Please leave your name and the meetup date as a note on Paypal so I can keep track. If you no show without payment, you are automatically kicked out of this Meetup. If you don't want to use paypal, Email me ahead of time and let me know you will definitely be there with cash. I'll waive Paypal requirements once I receive your email.

If you haven't pre-paid by 5pm the Thursday before or emailed me , I will have to remove you from the Meetup and add someone waiting to play.

Regulars: After you've been out to play, I prefer to be paid cash. When you attend, please pay me or the assistant organizer $6 cash or $10 for both sessions. Please bring payment to us when we are collecting.

Any questions, please email me at: [masked]

Some rules we follow for indoor volleyball..

Keep it friendly out there. Anyone who doesn't get this doesn't belong here and won't be welcome back

We play rally scoring(every point counts) to 25

If you hit the roof on your side, it's still in play(provided that it wasn't going over the net or the third hit)

If you hit the ball into the roof and it goes over the net, the point is over, and it's the other team's point

If you hit a side wall or back wall it's dead.

If you hit the center divider right above the net(or the crossbeam above) and it comes back to your side(the ball would have gone over to the other side if the center wall divider wasn't there) it's dead and it is the other team's point. AKA - Duane's rule(Unless we are playing at Rocky Run.. In that case if you are SETTING the ball and it hits, you may still play it. If the ball was traveling across the net and it hits the center divider and returns to your side, it is dead and the other team's point)

If the ball hits the net on a serve and goes over, it is in play

If you touch the net with your hands or arms, you forfeit the point. Please call it on yourself if you hit the net. We are NOT implementing the "NEW Net Rules".

Foot faults.. If someone calls a foot fault on a serve, it is a do-over, the second is a side out.

Games must be won by 2 points. If the other team is finished and waiting, then the first team to 27 wins (Capped at 27).

Skill Levels:

There are primarily 5 levels of adult volleyball competitiveness. They are Beginner/Recreational (C), B, BB, A, and AA. These are classifications that are used by USAVolleyball (, the United States' governing body for adult non-professional volleyball. All players should only RSVP for events that match their skill levels. If you are unsure of your skill levels, then you should ask the event host or the meetup organizers.

Recreational- A "Recreational" player is a Beginner. A Recreational player should know the basics of volleyball, and played some volleyball before, but he/she is just beginning to bump, set, and spike. These players may still be learning the rules, techniques and flows of the game. They enjoy the game and typically play non-competitively.

B- - A "B" level player is slightly more advanced than a recreational player. A "B" player knows how to bump, set (a little), and spike. A solid “B” player has reasonable consistency. Skill level easily trumps height. Many “B” level hitters do not employ a standard hitting approach. A few points are scored due to execution errors but not the majority; most points have to be earned.

BB- A "BB" player knows where to be on the court at all times when plays are developing. He/she knows where to be when the opponent is hitting. All players understand rotational sequence, offensive concepts and defensive positions, but may be working to solidify those skills. At this level almost all of the hitters utilize the standard approach (footwork, arm swing, etc.). BB players are very good players, but not as consistent as "A" level players. A "BB" player knows how to run a 5-1, a 6-2, and needlessly, a 4-2.

A- An "A" player is somewhere between "BB" and "AA". They know all the skills extremely well but cannot always execute the super-high level plays extremely effectively all the time. "A" players can run combination plays in a basic way if passes are good. That includes slides, tandems, x's, crosses, and back-row hitting. They have a depth of knowledge of offensive and defensive game play and use advanced strategies to be successful. Blocking is virtually mandatory – there is no other way to defend the killer spikes. Indoors they almost always use a 5-1 or 6-2 offense (i.e., the setter is often a back row player, so that there may be three hitters in the front row).

AA- Consists of teams with a superior knowledge of the game and rules. Skill levels range from Experienced to Professionally Trained Athletes. All players understand rotational sequence, offensive concepts (i.e., 5-1, 6-2, etc.) and defensive positions and can apply them in competition. Game and player strategies are well understood (i.e., running offensive plays, identifying opponent weaknesses, reading opponents plays during volley, etc.) and the game is run at a high tempo. An adult AA team of players would be able to beat a college Division I team of their same sex at least some of the time.


Hitting/Setting Clinics at GW (Next clinic in April 2013):

Video Training:

Pat Powers Gold Medal volleyball

Open Gym’s/Places to work on Skills:

Arlington/Crystal City:

Plays every Sunday at 3:45 pm for 2 hours, costs $10.


VVC Plays Friday night from 7 pm to 11 pm , costs $10


Freedom Center plays Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:30 to 10 pm for $8 for non-members.

GYM Cancellations:

The inclement weather hotline number is :[masked]. Check the Meetup for updates and your email. If the schools are closed and you have pre-paid, I'll hold your money for the next time you play. I'll keep a spreadsheet with all the details.