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Saturday Indoor Volleyball

To accommodate as many people as possible, PLEASE do not sign up in advance for both weekend days. Please sign up in advance for EITHER Saturday OR Sunday. This will give more people a chance to get a spot to play. If I see you rsvp in advance for both days you will be removed from both. The only person that may sign up in advance for both Saturday and Sunday will be the organizer of Saturdays(so they can bring me payment and discuss how things are going). If you are signed up for one day and there are last minute drop outs for the other day feel free to sign up the day before.

Saturdays are at Holmes.. Remember, this school is the one with the food Nazi custodian(they check the trash cans too!). NO FOOD or DRINKS allowed in the gym. Please eat any snacks and drink any drinks other than water in the hall. I don't want to lose the school due to people eating so please don't violate this. If you see someone eating or drinking in the gym, please remind them to go to the hall!

Saturday Indoor Volleyball

Who Should Play

This is for BB or better players. Please no backyard or BBQ experienced only players. To keep it competitive, if I get too many complaints about anyone's level of play or attitude, I reserve the right to remove you. Thanks for understanding.

We play coed sixes(or fewer) with rally scoring on men's height nets. We have the gym for a four hour period each Meetup. We start by setting up the nets, stretching/warming up, then we will begin with a warm up game until 16 players show up. At that point we split the people up by numbering teams 1-4. Remember your number! Additional people join until we are full. Once on a team you will play 3 games rally scoring to 25. Winning teams play on one side, second place on the other. After 3 games we will re-number teams. I usually ask someone else to number the teams after the first round. To do so, just give all the girls a number 1-4. If the last girl was a 2, continue numbering the guys at 3 (don't restart at 1). Make sure that the person knows their number before moving on! And no stacking your team! Please note that we play nearly the whole time. We have a couple short breaks during re-numbering of the teams and money collection time but that is about it. Please be ready to play!

Please help set up and take down the nets when you arrive/leave. Water is the only beverage allowed by the schools, and no food(though I sneak a few granola bars in.. just don't leave any mess).

Please RSVP(sign up!!) on the Meetup if you want to play. If we are maxed out on the meetup, join the wait list. If someone cancels their rsvp, those on the wait list will receive an email saying there is an opening. The first one to change to yes will get the spot. If you live in the area you can take a chance and show up without a spot. If you do, please let me or the other organizer know that you are not on the list for the day. You can play for free until the last person who RSVP'd shows up. If someone no shows and you get to play the whole time then it will be $10. If multiple people show up without a spot the first person to show up gets priority to play (that way if there is a no show and they pay they will be getting their money's worth)

RSVP Deadlines: If you can't make it, change your RSVP NO LATER THAN 2 days prior to the Meetup at 5PM(I.E. If you are signed up for a Saturday you must change your RSVP by Thursday by 5pm.. or Sunday would be Friday by 5pm). If you change to a "No" by the deadline, you are off the hook. If you miss the deadline and nobody takes your spot, I have to charge you anyway. (If someone does fill in for your spot, you will not be charged.) If you no show, you still owe the money and you risk being kicked off this Meetup.

If you know you have to leave early or are coming late, feel free to split your spot with someone. Just leave a note on the Meetup page "Leaving early so XX will take my spot at 11" so everyone knows. Also, make sure the organizer is aware who is sharing your spot and who will pay for both. If you have a spot but can't attend and you want to give it to someone in particular, that is fine. BUT, please change your note and state who is taking your spot and tell the person that is subbing for you that they must tell the organizer who they are playing for. I send out nastygrams to people that no show and I don't want to send one to you if you don't deserve it!

It's going to be $10 per person/per Meetup ($10 Cash or $10.61 Paypal for first timers only). This is for a 4 hour window at the gym. I have to pay for the registration fees for everyone, opening/closing fees, and an hourly custodial charge whether you show up or not. This is quite expensive so please be sure to show up and bring payment. See below.


First Timers: Because I have had more no-shows from new people than anyone else, I am now requiring pre-payment via Paypal for first timers. If you are a first timer, you must pre-pay via Paypal. If you haven't pre-paid by 5pm the Thursday before, I will have to remove you from the Meetup and add someone waiting to play. Go to and click Send Money. Please Paypal 10.61 to [masked]. Please leave your name and the meetup date as a note on Paypal so I can keep track. If you no show without payment, you are automatically kicked out of this Meetup.

Regulars: After you've been out to play, I prefer to be paidcash. When you attend, please pay me or the assistant organizer $10 cash. Please bring payment to us when we are collecting (usually when we re-number the teams the second time). If you no show, you owe $10. Please Paypal me 10.61 to [masked] and leave a note stating that you missed the meetup and the date. If you don't use Paypal, please email me acknowledging that you intend to pay me next time. If not, I will send out a nastygram(an unpleasant email asking you for money). I don't like having to send out nastygrams. I am not requiring pre-payment from regulars anymore. Thanks.

Any questions, please email me at: [masked]
Some rules we follow for indoor volleyball..

Keep it friendly out there. Anyone who doesn't get this doesn't belong here and won't be welcome back We play rally scoring(every point counts) to 25 If you hit the roof above you and it comes back to your side, it's still in play(provided that it wasn't the third hit) If you hit the ball into the roof and it goes over the net, the point is over, and it's the other team's point If you hit a side wall or back wall it's dead. If you hit the center divider right above the net and it comes back to your side(the ball would go to the other side if the center wall divider wasn't there) it's dead and it is the other team's point. AKA - Duane's rule(Unless we are playing at Rocky Run.. In that case if you are SETTING the ball and it hits, you may still play it. If the ball was traveling across the net and it hits the center divider and returns to your side, it is dead and the other team's point) If the ball hits the net on a serve and goes over, it is in play If you touch the net with your hands or arms, you forfeit the point. Please call it on yourself if you hit the net. We are NOT implementing the "NEW Net Rules". It is too confusing for everyone. Please don't "Carry" the ball. Defined here as lifting the ball up from the waist area or below with open palms. A closed fist is fine. Another form of carry is the dunk or re-direct, your hand shouldn't remain in contact with the ball for more than a strike. If you appear to catch the ball and direct it, it is a carry. Foot faults.. If someone see that you foot fault on a serve, it is a do-over, the second is a side out. Games must be won by 2 points. If the other team is finished and waiting, then the first team to 27 wins (Capped at 27).

GYM Cancellations:

The inclement weather hotline number is :[masked]. Check the Meetup for updates and your email. If the schools are closed and you have pre-paid, I'll hold your money for the next time you play. I'll keep a spreadsheet with all the details.