What we're about

This group is for people who want to live their greatest life NOW, through self-improvement, empowerment, with help and encouragement. We are about making friends, having fun, supporting each other, about personal growth and continued enrichment to live very full lives NOW. It is for those of us who know there is something powerful within us and around us and we want to hone the practice of tapping into it on command.

We will do amazing activities, anything and everything from the very basic of seeing the latest blockbuster to adventurous technical hikes, hosting dinners with meaningful conversations or attending the latest workshops, taking ski weekends or wine weekends to bond, to helping each other create and celebrate life’s big moments.

The group will eventually devolve into a smaller core group of those who participate regularly, get along always, and contribute to making our events a great time for all, as this will allow us to cultivate and nurture true and authentic friendships to hopefully last through a lifetime of accomplishments.

Events will be held in all locations geographically, from South Bay/Palos Verdes area to Los Angeles and Orange County.

Are you ready to take your life to the next level NOW and have a group of friends who will walk that journey by your side until the end? If yes, join us now.

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