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Back in 2008, a few of us got together to play mid-week badminton. The idea was to get more practice on top of weekend sessions elsewhere, focusing on Wednesday as a nice way to roll over the mid-week hill top. Over a decade(-ish) later, the casual get-together has blossomed into what we are today.

Today we are a diverse group of friendly, intermediate adult players (18+) who meet up weekly for doubles games. Our players enjoy both the competitive and social aspects of the game, and occasionally meet up for food and drinks on weekends.

Our Wednesday badminton sessions are based at the the venue as described. We use feather shuttles, and currently reserve two or three courts. The cost for the evening is £7 We only accept Bank transfers as payment - please read the notes on the venue details.

We always welcome new members to come and try our friendly club. We don't provide rackets or any coaching at our sessions as we normally play competitive doubles, so the club isn't suitable for beginners. As long as you are low-intermediate standard or above and are keen to improve, you will fit right in! If you are a complete beginner, we recommend you improve your skills by attending some coaching sessions or a beginner's meet-up group first.


Once you RSVP for one of our sessions, please make sure you turn up. If circumstances change and you are no longer able to attend, please remove yourself from the list of attendees. Once the numbers reach maximum attendance the session is regarded as full, and anyone wishing to attend is then put onto a 'wait list'. If you're on the waiting list, you could be promoted to the list of attendees at any time. Meetup should notify you by email if this occurs, but there have been cases where these emails have been delayed so please check your status regularly.

If you cancel at the last moment we reserve the right to charge you the full cost of the session before allowing you to attend any future sessions, especially if there were members on the waiting list for that week. However, we try to be flexible and understand that emergencies or sudden changes do occur in people's lives. If you do find yourself in such a situation we will make allowances as long as you let the organisers know by posting a message. The organisers will not tolerate those who fail to turn up and leave no message. In these cases, it's likely that your ability to attend future sessions will be subject to the discretion of the event host.

Repeat offenders (no shows) will be banned from the group.

Finally, please make sure you read and understand the following notes and guidance about Falcons before attending our meetup. Please ask the organisers if you require more information:

• Falcons is not an official membership badminton group, but a casual group organised by friends and volunteers. The organisers do not receive personal financial gains from running this group.

• As with any sports, please be aware that there are some risks associated with playing badminton including injury and property damage. By attending our meetups you are acknowledging that you are responsible for your own safety and welfare, as well as your property which you bring to the meet-up events.

• You are expected to play safely to reduce the risk of injury to yourself and others. You may be requested to leave if you are playing in a way which is risky to yourself or others. To minimise risks, please make sure you are dressed appropriately (e.g., wear appropriate indoor court shoes).

• Falcons is an inclusive club, and we welcome intermediate players from all backgrounds. We expect our players to treat each other with respect, and we do not accept any threatening or aggressive behaviour.

• There are further rules listed on each meetup event. Please make sure you read and understand the terms for each event before you sign-up.

• The organisers reserve the right to remove players from this group if these guidelines are not adhered to.

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