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Are you a writer? If you love to write and you love fiction, then this group may interest you. This is my very first (and hopefully successful) group! At our meet ups, I'd like to explore creative writing on a more intimate basis, where we all share our own work to be analyzed and enjoyed. Let's get motivated! Inspired!

I wanted to create a group in my area that explores creative outlets like writing and published book reviews (whether it be your book or a favorite author). I'm also a big fan of film and music, which all stems from writing. There will definitely be a lot of discussion and debate. We can be critics towards each other's work but this is more or less a constructive and encouraging group. Writers supporting each other.

I'd like to try having our meetups in a few different locations and atmospheres before settling on a regular spot. You know, to find our vibe. All meeting will take place in Falls Church locations only until further notice. We can hold votes concerning meet up locations (i.e. cafes, bars, theater etc).

I'd like to begin by asking what the members of this group would enjoy doing most during our meetups? Share work on the first meeting at a coffee shop? Introductions as a first meeting (what we like to read, watch, write and why)? I'm super open minded. All authors/creators are welcome! Depending on how many people are interested in joining will we have an actual meet up. Can we get 5 people? 10? 3?

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