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Is Ukraine really about trying to get off expensive Russian gas and develop their shale gas? All the fighting is happening along where Ukraine would develop their shale gas. Russia doesn't want Ukraine to join the EU-NATO to avoid nukes in Ukraine.

"The number of countries with fossil fuel conflicts and wars is increasing. Libya, Sudan, Egypt (Sinai), Yemen, Syria, Iraq and now Ukraine. The result is that many innocent people die and that actual oil/gas production drops. The only logical conclusion is to develop as fast as possible renewable energies which don’t peak. The minimum we can do right now is to stop building more fossil fuel dependent infrastructure like motorways and airport extensions. Every such project contributes to more violence in the world."

US trying to start war with Russia:

Is the US backing NAZIs in Ukraine?

Svoboda’s openly pro-Nazi politics have not deterred Senator John McCain from addressing ( a EuroMaidan rally alongside Tyahnybok, nor did it prevent Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland from enjoying a friendly meeting ( with the Svoboda leader this February.


US is trying to get the EU to not be dependent on Russian oil. It currently depends heavily on Russian oil. US is worried that this dependency can make the EU countries join Brics--US would be isolated then.


Is the purpose of ISIL in Iraq to fragment Iraq and create a new country of Kurdistan to give the West the oil it needs? Iraq is currently pro-Iran since it a mostly shiite country.

From Snowden, ISIS was created by Britain, Israel, & US:

Russian Apartment Explosions be a False Flag to justify invading Chechnya for its oil?

Alexander Litvinenko claimed Russia FSU planted the explosions that brought down the Russian apartment buildings. He would later die from radiation poisoning:

Arafat a secret KGB agent? Poisoned by Russian FSU?

 Syria

Syria is really about Qatar and Israel wanting to build pipelines through Syria to Turkey. Iran was building a pipeline through Syria. The US wanted to stop it. US is also trying to stop the Iranian-Pakistani pipeline.

 Is Syria use of chemical weapons a false flag?


& &

• Syria-- Is Syria really about oil pipelines and Iran? & & &

Syria Chemical Weapons Attack was a "False Flag Operation"

Hasn't the US been in enough wars? This isn't going to be a "limited engagement." That is what all the politicians say to get approval. Regime change is the objective.

We were lied about Iraq's "Weapons of Mass Destruction." We're being lied about this. 4,500 American soldiers died in Iraq. America has the most False Flag operations than any other country:

Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, & Rush Limbaugh said Syria chemical weapons attack was a false flag operation: & &

Syria is about oil pipelines & Iran:

"Seven countries in five years."

U.N. has testimony that Syrian rebels used sarin gas. Rebels (many of whom are Al-Qaeda members) have chemical weapons. : (

Rebels admitted to using chemical weapons:


Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9 11:

Forbidden Truth reveals that French intelligence gave the FBI unambiguous information that the so-called 20th hijacker, Zacarias Massaoui, was tied to Al Qaeda, a story Brisard broke to Salon magazine before Special Agent Coleen Rowley came out publicly to say the FBI stifled the investigation. John O'Neill the former head of the FBI's antiterrorism division--who perished in the World Trade Center--told Jean-Charles Brisard in 7/01, "All of the answers, all of the clues allowing us to dismantle Osama bin Laden's organization, can be found in Saudi Arabia." The result of three years of investigation by a leading French intelligence expert & investigative journalist, Forbidden Truth is the untold story of the Clinton & Bush attempts to stabilize Afghanistan so that US energy companies could build a pipeline. In particular, it details the secret hazardous diplomacy between the Bush administration & the Taliban from February to August 2001--a story still untold in the US media--talks that ultimately led the US to make threats via Pakistani intermediaries to the Taliban in 7/01 that they were going to bomb Afghanistan if the Taliban didn't comply.
book is called, Forbidden Truth: U.S.-Taliban Secret Oil Diplomacy, Saudi Arabia .


Why won't Bush declassify documents related to 9-11?

Cheney's Energy Task Force had maps of Iraq's oil fields before US invasion of Iraq:

Bin Laden worked for CIA:

US Foreign Policy is to get Europe off Russian gas since the EU is politically compromised/dependent on Russia. Link:

Turkey supporting ISIL/ISIS:

Nato and Gulf States supporting ISIS:

Is the Petrodollar Theory (oil sales based on US $) driving US invasions?

Countries leaving the US dollar be a sign our currency/ economy is over with to join BRIC?

US is upset with Russia & China since they are part of BRICs to create a financial system to replace the Western monetary system such as IMF:


Death Throes of the US:

Oil Dictates US foreign Policy:

• Oil needs dictates US foreign policy:   &

US-Russia "New Cold War": The Battle for Pipelines and Natural Gas:

• Need for oil, causing wars i.e. WWII, Gulf War, Libyan invasion, etc. How the Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan could have never won since they didn't have access to enough oil. US was an oil exporter during WWII.

Israel's Mossad created Hamas

But the key thing to note here is that Israel already had quiet. In the West Bank, the Palestinian Authority provided years of quiet through security cooperation with Israeli security forces. Yet Netanyahu's response to this unprecedented calm — which Israel had long sought — was to undermine his ostensible partner Abbas at every conceivable opportunity through settlement construction, incursions into Palestinian cities, on top of the daily harassment and humiliations of Palestinians that are the reality of the occupation.


FISA--Secret court

"Since its initial enactment, FISA has been steadily expanded ( in ways that pose an increasing threat to individual rights.

Under FISA procedures, all hearings and decisions are conducted in secret. The Department of Justice has not disclosed even the most basic information about the court's activities despite repeated requests from Congress, the American Civil Liberties Union ( and other advocacy groups."


"Everyone should understand what's in the NDAA before the full Senate makes a big mistake and paves the way for Guantánamo-style indefinite detention being brought to the United States itself.

The new Senate NDAA:

"Brings Indefinite Detention to the U.S. Itself: The bill now says that detainees may be brought to the United States for "detention pursuant to the Authorization for Use of Military Force" (AUMF). In plain English, that means the policy of indefinite detention by the military, without charge or trial, could be carried out here at home. Right now, the number of people in the U.S. in military indefinite detention is zero. If the bill is enacted, that number could immediately jump to 100 or more."

Qatar and Al-Jazeera:

Qatar (the country that Al-Jazeera comes from) supports Al-Qaeda in Syria: &

• Was Libya really about oil? Was it about the unfavorable taxes to oil companies? "But under Moammar Gadhafi the terms of those deals were strict. The dictator effectively imposed a 93% tax on any oil the companies produced in Libya." Libya is a Prize Economy. "War is good for business. Oil is the trophy of US-NATO led wars."

Did Qatar use Al Jazeera to foment unrest in Libya? It signed oil deal with rebels: &

Neo-Cons are responsible for American endless wars:



US wants to keep it a failed state so it won't put any curtails on its oil.


US and Pakistan don't want to get rid of the Taliban. By keeping it in perpetual turmoil, the Afghani population will support US having bases there-- a strategic location i.e. next to China and the Stans who have lots of oil. Also, they want to keep Taliban there to keep India out--India is part of BRICs. Karzai, a former Unocal executive, said US and Pakistan don't want peace.

False Flags:

False flags--

• US involvement in Iran. Why the US used false flag Operation Ajax to overthrow a democratically elected government. The overthrow of Iran's elected government in 1953 ensured Western control of Iran's petroleum resources and prevented the Soviet Union from competing for Iranian oil. "If Mosaddegh had succeeded in nationalizing the British oil industry in Iran, that would have set an example and was seen at that time by the Americans as a threat to U.S. oil interests throughout the world, because other countries would do the same.

•False Flag Operation Northwoods-- How the US military wanted to kill Americans to justify invading Cuba:

• Spy Stuff

• Top Secret America:  &

• KGB/CIA--AIDS was a KGB disinformation campaign against the US:

• Spy-- Spy dust:

Credible Conspiracies:

• Kennedy & Oswald: Did Oswald work for Cuban Intelligence? &;

& or something else?

CIA have something to do with Kennedy Assination?:

• Pearl Harbor--Did FDR want it to happen so the US could get involved in WWII?


Weather control weapon?

Does the US gov control weather?



• Area 51 declassified:

• UFO's--how the US encouraged UFO sightings to hide top secret experiments:

Military history

• Special ops

Al Qaeda:

• Is there a link between Al-Qaeda and Pakistan ISI? According to Time magazine (, French intellectual Bernard-Henri Lévy (, has claimed that Daniel Pearl (, an American-Israeli, was assassinated by elements with backing from Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence, over his alleged role in gathering information linking ISI and Al-Qaeda.  A December 2011 analysis report by the Jamestown Foundation ( came to the conclusion that "in spite of denials by the Pakistani military, evidence is emerging that elements within the Pakistani military harbored Osama bin Laden with the knowledge of former army chief General Pervez Musharraf ( and possibly current Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani ( Former Pakistani Army Chief General Ziauddin Butt ( (a.k.a. General Ziauddin Khawaja) revealed at a conference on Pakistani–U.S. relations in October 2011 that according to his knowledge the then former Director-General of Intelligence Bureau of Pakistan (2004–2008), Brigadier Ijaz Shah (retd.), had kept OsaThe leak in 2012 of e-mails ( from Stratfor ( revealed that papers captured during the raid ( in Abbotabad on Osama Bin Laden's compound showed up to 12 ISI officials knew where he was and that Bin Laden had been in regular contact with the ISI.[128] ( bin Laden in an Intelligence Bureau safe house in Abbottabad. (

• Al Qaeda created by CIA:

• Something fishy about Bin Laden. It is interesting he hated both the US and Israel, yet never attacked Israel. Interesting he never saw a pic of his body, yet we saw the dead pics of Saddam's sons:

Is there a Bush & Bin Laden connection through the Carlyle Group? &

Al-Qaeda Bin Laden connection:

Bush didn't do anything about Bin-Laden (perhaps he wanted something bad to happen so we could have reason to go into Iraq and Afganistan)

• Taliban and Pakistan ISI: The Taliban were largely founded by Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence ( (ISI) in 1994The fact remains that the Quetta Shura [Taliban] and the Haqqani Network operate from Pakistan with impunity ... Extremist organizations serving as proxies of the government of Pakistan are attacking Afghan troops and civilians as well as US soldiers. ... For example, we believe the Haqqani Network—which has long enjoyed the support and protection of the Pakistani government ... is, in many ways, a strategic arm of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence Agency.—[88] (

FBI and military intelligence officials in Washington say they were prevented for political reasons from carrying out full investigations into members of the Bin Laden family in the US before the terrorist attacks of September 11. US intelligence agencies have come under criticism for their wholesale failure to predict the catastrophe at the World Trade Centre. But some are complaining that their hands were tied.
FBI documents shown on BBC Newsnight last night and obtained by the Guardian show that they had earlier sought to investigate two of Osama bin Laden's relatives in Washington and a Muslim organisation, the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), with which they were linked.
The FBI file, marked Secret and coded 199, which means a case involving national security, records that Abdullah bin Laden, who lived in Washington, had originally had a file opened on him "because of his relationship with the World Assembly of Muslim Youth - a suspected terrorist organisation".

• 9-11. I don't know how credible this article is, but it makes you think:

Oil Pipelines from Central Asia:

• China has an advantage over the US--access to lots of oil from Turkemistan:

• US  current focus is to get oil pipelines to Turkmenistan. Afganistan is one route. The US, attempting to maintain its position as the world's sole superpower, but without direct geographic access to the region, would like the oil and gas to reach the open market without it falling under the control of Russia, China, or Iran.

•  Afghanistan--Oil pipelines:

• US policy recognizes the importance of Central Asia’s energy resources and the economic possibilities they offer in world markets and in the region itself. Richard Boucher, US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, said in 2007: "One of our goals is to stabilize Afghanistan," and to link South and Central Asia "so that energy can flow to the south." In December 2009, George Krol, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, told Congress that one US priority in Central Asia is "to increase development and diversification of the region’s energy resources and supply routes." He said, "Central Asia plays a vital role in our Afghanistan strategy." "Negotiations with the Taliban broke down in July 2001, just before the attacks of September 11. In October, the US ousted the Taliban, with the assistance of the Northern Alliance."

"The Bush White House stepped up negotiations with the Taliban in 2001. When those talks stalled in July, a Bush administration representative threatened the Taliban with military reprisals if the government did not go along with American demands. "

Et Cetera:

• What is the Shanghai Cooperation Organization? Why is it a threat to the US interests?

• Why the Soviet Union didn't use force to keep Eastern Europe?

• How Germany aided Lenin so Russia would leave WWI. Their trans-Germany transit was approved, facilitated, and financed by the German General Staff. Lenin's transit to Russia was part of a plan approved by the German Supreme Command, apparently not immediately known to the kaiser, to aid in the disintegration of the Russian army and so eliminate Russia from World War I:

Mind Control and False memories:

• Lawrence wants to talk about this topic. There is some truth to this. Here is an article about it on the BBC:

• In 1953, the CIA placed several of its interrogation and mind-control programs under the direction of a single program, known by the code name MKULTRA (, after CIA director Allen Dulles ( complained about not having enough "human guinea pigs to try these extraordinary techniques".[115] ( The MKULTRA project was under the direct command of Dr. Sidney Gottlieb ( of the Technical Services Division ([115] ( The project received over $25 million, and involved hundreds of experiments on human subjects at eighty different institutions.

In a memo describing the purpose of one MKULTRA program subprogram, Richard Helms said:

We intend to investigate the development of a chemical material which causes a reversible, nontoxic aberrant mental state, the specific nature of which can be reasonably well predicted for each individual. This material could potentially aid in discrediting individuals, eliciting information, and implanting suggestions and other forms of mental control.—Richard Helms, internal CIA memo[116] (

In 1957, with funding from a CIA front organization, Dr. Ewan Cameron ( of the Allan Memorial Institute ( in Montreal, Canada (,_Canada) began MKULTRA Subproject 68.[120] ( His experiments were designed to first "depattern" individuals, erasing their minds and memories—reducing them to the mental level of an infant—and then to "rebuild" their personality in a manner of his choosing.[121] ( To achieve this, Cameron placed patients under his "care" into drug-induced comas for up to 88 days, and applied numerous high voltage electric shocks to them over the course of weeks or months, often administering up to 360 shocks per person. He would then perform what he called "psychic driving" experiments on the subjects, where he would repetitively play recorded statements, such as "You are a good wife and mother and people enjoy your company", through speakers he had implanted into blacked-out football helmets that he bound to the heads of the test subjects (for sensory deprivation ( purposes). The patients could do nothing but listen to these messages, played for 16–20 hours a day, for weeks at a time. In one case, Cameron forced a person to listen to a message non-stop for 101 days.[121] ( Using CIA funding, Cameron converted the horse stables ( behind Allen Memorial into an elaborate isolation and sensory deprivation chamber which he kept patients locked in for weeks at a time.[121] ( Cameron also induced insulin ( comas in his subjects by giving them large injections of insulin, twice a day for up to two months at a time.[103] ( Several of the children who Cameron experimented on were sexually abused, in at least one case by several men. One of the children was filmed numerous times performing sexual acts with high-ranking federal government officials, in a scheme set up by Cameron and other MKULTRA researchers, to blackmail the officials to ensure further funding for the experiments.[122] (

United States testing Americans with biological agents:

• US government spraying US citizens with bacteria. In 1950, in order to conduct a simulation of a biological warfare attack, the U.S. Navy used airplanes to spray large quantities of the bacteria Serratia marcescens – considered harmless at this time – over the city of San Francisco, which caused numerous citizens to contract pneumonia-like illnesses, and killed at least one person.[31]HYPERLINK "" \l "cite_note-rogue-state[masked]" [32]HYPERLINK "" \l "cite_note-33" [33]HYPERLINK "" \l "cite_note-34" [34]HYPERLINK "" \l "cite_note-35" [35]HYPERLINK "" \l "cite_note-Medscape-36" [36] ( The family of the man who was killed sued for gross negligence, but a federal judge ruled in favor of the government in 1981.[37] ( Serratia tests were continued until at least.

In 1955, the CIA conducted a biological warfare ( experiment where they released whooping cough ( bacteria from boats outside of Tampa Bay, Florida (,_Florida), causing a whooping cough epidemic in the city, and killing at least 12 people.[44]HYPERLINK "" \l "cite_note-45" [45]HYPERLINK "" \l "cite_note-46" [46] (

In 1956 and 1957, several U.S. Army biological warfare experiments were conducted on the cities of Savannah, Georgia (,_Georgia) and Avon Park, Florida (,_Florida). In the experiments, Army bio-warfare researchers released millions of infected mosquitoes ( on the two towns, in order to see if the insects could potentially spread yellow fever ( and dengue fever ( Hundreds of residents contracted a wide array of illnesses, including fevers, respiratory problems, stillbirths, encephalitis (, and typhoid ( Army researchers pretended to be public health workers, so that they could photograph and perform medical tests on the victims. Several people died as a result of the experiments.[11]HYPERLINK "" \l "cite_note-47" [47] (

In 1962, twenty-two elderly patients at the Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital in Brooklyn (, New York were injected with live cancer cells by Chester M. Southam, who in 1952 had done the same to prisoners at the Ohio State Prison, in order to "discover the secret of how healthy bodies fight the invasion of malignant cells". The administration of the hospital attempted to cover the study up, but the New York State medical licensing board ultimately placed Southam on probation for one year. Two years later, the American Cancer Society ( elected him as their Vice President.[48] (

In 1966, the U.S. Army released the harmless Bacillus globigii into the tunnels of the New York subway system ( as part of a field study called A Study of the Vulnerability of Subway Passengers in New York City to Covert Attack with Biological Agents.[44]HYPERLINK "" \l "cite_note-49" [49]HYPERLINK "" \l "cite_note-50" [50]HYPERLINK "" \l "cite_note-51" [51]HYPERLINK "" \l "cite_note-52" [52] ( The Chicago subway system was also subject to a similar experiment by the Army.

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