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Uncovering hidden dynamics in our family lineage can help bring understanding and resolution to difficulties and challenges we face in our current lives.

The Family Constellation process developed by Bert Hellinger is a powerful way to reveal and resolve these dynamics, freeing the flow of love and support within the family system.

Join our workshops and other opportunities to experience the transformation that is possible through this work, whether you have a constellation, participate in one or simply observe.

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Join us for our next Family Constellation Workshop May 4th

St Lukes Episcopal Church


In honor of Mother’s Day, we hope you will join us to explore our relationships with our mothers or mother figures. Bert Hellinger teaches that our success in life begins with our Mother. It is our primal relationship. "Those who succeed in fully taking their mothers become successful and happy. For as we relate to our mothers, so we relate to our life in general, and also to our work-life. Those who have reservations against their mothers, also have reservations against life and against happiness." No matter the circumstances of our relationships with our mothers -- raised by her, given away for adoption at birth, contentious or loving -- mothers are the ones from whom life comes and with it, all the possibilities life offers. This will be a day to receive constellations creating opportunities to repair relationships with our mothers or mother figures -- receive her, honor her and, with gratitude, take the life that she has given us. Please RSVP to Sharon at [masked].

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