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Are you interested in better understanding your family relationships? Do you have an ancestral altar which helps you remember and honor in a good way those to whom you owe your life? Do you feel like an outsider in your family? Do you wish for a better connection with your family lineage? Would you like to experience the strength and wisdom of your ancestors standing with you in life, giving you guidance and encouragement?

The United States is a nation of immigrants from all over the world, and its history includes many complex threads of widely diverse cultures woven together in an ongoing experimental process. Some of our ancestors willingly chose to come to the US for the opportunities of a better life, but may have paid the price with disconnection from their homeland. Some of our ancestors were forcibly stolen from their birth nations and enslaved in horrible ways that accrued wealth and power for their oppressors. Some of our ancestors were the original residents of this continent who had rich traditions, but experienced broken promises, the destruction of their ways of life and the despair of being forced to relocate to distant lands with little hope of living in right relationship. Some of our ancestors participated in the oppression of others, and created wealth in illegitimate ways. Some of our ancestors fought in wars for the US and carried the archetypal energies of the warrior, leaving complex wounds of body and soul with which their descendants are left to struggle and carry on life. Every current citizen of the United States, whether conscious of all these things or not, lives within the energy field of this extremely disordered history.

The healing practice of Family Constellations lets you explore all the threads of consciousness you have inherited from your father and mother, and all your ancestors. The healing comes from bringing all the pieces of the picture together, allowing you to safely look at and feel some of the difficult fates experienced in your family history. In a group process, more compassion and understanding is created as each person works through the stuck places where the natural flow of love and life force may have originally been restricted. Representatives for your family members are chosen and agree to serve in the healing process. As the group recognizes that each family has its unresolved issues, a depth of trust and intimacy arises which allows the work to go more deeply. The influences of injustices, abuses, illnesses, early deaths, secrets, abandonments, war, immigration and religion can be examined and brought to light. When the stuck places are resolved, the flow of energy can be restored to the family, affecting three generations into the past and three into the future. The unique way your life came to you through your lineage can be felt as having its source with the divine.

My wife Kelly and I have three years of training in Family Constellations with Peter and Jamy Faust, the founders of the Constellation Approach in Boston, Massachusetts. We have worked through every aspect of our family lineage three times, going deeper each year and coming to understand better and better the soul agreements we made to be born into our families. We also witnessed each other doing the work and have experienced its value in our own marriage as it has fostered more trust, understanding, love and intimacy for us. We are deeply honored to act as guides for those who wish to walk the path into the healing and understanding of their place in their own family.

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