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Based on the work of Bert Hellinger (Family Constellations, Hellinger Sciencia), Family Constellations gives us an opportunity to discover and heal what may be holding us back or keeping us stuck repeating similar patterns in our lives, relationships, work, emotions, health etc.

When we look at our lives from a broader Systemic perspective (family / relationship / organisational dynamics, ancestral patterns etc.) we often see that what we are carrying is not our own. It may have been passed on through several generations. There are also hidden ‘Orders of Love’ that may be out of balance in the system. The Constellation will often show up these dynamics and where the system is out of balance / stuck / entangled. The system naturally wants to return to a state of harmony, so through gentle but deep ‘Movements of the Soul’ and ‘Healing Sentences’ in the constellation, often significant shifts are made which can affect the whole family / system and other people involved, including the ancestors. This work is very much guided by what has been referred to as the ‘Knowing Field’ or ‘Spirit Mind’. Because of the depth and power of this work, a safe and Sacred Space is created to hold the work.

Individual Online Session (what a Session might look like):

- Getting clear on a Core Issue to be worked on

- Mapping out your Family Tree: This gives an overview of the family system. Ciara will ask specific questions that often highlight tension points in the system that can be looked at.

- Timeline Constellation: Constellating Birth - Present State - Desired State. This is great for getting an overview of what is happening. It often shows up what is holding us back so that we can work through it. We can also look toward the futureGroup Format and get an embodied sense of our desired state, anchoring it into the present so we align ourself with our desired outcome and gain some wisdom from our future self.

- Constellations: Based on what has been discussed and clarified as the issue, we can then expand the space and constellate the various aspects to give greater clarity, healing and support.

Group Format

Someone has an issue they would like to work with – the client. They are asked some key questions to illicit the facts surrounding the issue and some relevant questions about family and ancestral dynamics etc.

People from the group are chosen to represent key people and aspects connected to this issue, including a representative for the client. Representatives are then placed in spatial arrangement with each other. The energy begins to work immediately and the representatives are guided to follow impulses as the energy moves through the system (movements of the soul). Certain sentences or gentle interventions may help guide the Constellation in the direction of resolution and balance.

Although we may be working on one person’s constellation, often people report that they receive healing or insights by being a representative, or simply by observing.

Some Testimonials

“ I experienced a Family Constellation facilitated by Ciara, which was extraordinary! As a practitioner myself, to meet another practitioner who allows whatever needs to happen to happen is akin to being touched by the Divine and guided by All that Is. It was sensitively handled, guided and allowed to unfold with such grace that as the core was reached, the dissolving and resolution was incredibly profound. The final dedication and closing was very moving and delightful at the same time. An absolute gift to the Movement of the Souls. Ciara has shared her gifts with me in this incarnation and I know that I, and all I am connected to, have been blessed as a result. The benefits will be felt for a long time to come. A session with Ciara is a gift you give to yourself and it is a truly beautiful and valuable one. “ - Nicky Kassapian - Soul Support Systems, Bali

“What I experienced at the constellation with you was unbelievable and unforgettable !! I felt very safe and comfortable with you. There was enough space for silence and you said and asked the right things at the right time. The atmosphere was spiritual. My experience was divine, it just came over me. I became a lot of sights inside. It would be nice to have more possibilities to do more constellations! Thanks again. ” - Ilse, The Netherlands (in Bali).

Contact: Ciara on ciarz02@yahoo.co.uk

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