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We are parents who want our children to live in a society free from class exploitation and unjust inequality, with a child support and family court solution designed by families for families. Ideal members are parental alienation targets, parents with runaway child support debt, and those of us whose unalienable rights have been violated through false allegation family court orders.

Many of us are deeply concerned with how the polarizing family court pits parents against each other for professional fees and federal funding. We observe family court judges and general magistrates abuse their entrusted public power to benefit themselves, other lawyers, psychologists, consultants, private investigators, and guardian ad litems.

Every Meetup member is encouraged to share their story and to contribute to a better group understanding of the facts, core issues, and current power holders in our child support and family court system. Group Meetups and conference calls facilitate supportive relationships between individual members while building a factual framework and strength in numbers. We are exposing the problem and proving that the child support and family court system damages families and violates basic constitutional and human rights.

As grassroots discontent with child support laws and family court corruption continues to grow both locally and around the country, a new round of legal cases is establishing the legal and moral basis for resistance. We will leverage these activities and sentiment to increase the size of our group. Activists can optionally participate in small non-violent actions and civil disobedience to increase tension as conditions ripen for a catalytic event that will starkly and clearly convey the problem to the public.

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