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If you crave more connection in your life over meals, take a seat at our table. We are a soul family of conscious neighbors and friends. Our table is set for up to ten adults (18 years and older).

We are a dynamic group of conscious adults from various lifestyles with a wide array of dietary preferences. Our dinners focus on fun and connection. The most important guideline for our family dinners: DON'T STRESS! Do what brings you joy so you can share your energy of joy with the family. If that means you bring something that only you can eat, that's OK. We are all responsible adults who can communicate our needs with love.

Family dinners are fragrance-free. Please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, essential oils, scented lotions, and other scented products.

There is a family dog in the home. She is a 10-pound poodle mix. She doesn't shed, but we want to let you know in case you are allergic to dogs or have a fear of dogs.

One last note, dogma of any kind, especially about food, religion, sexuality, or other beliefs, is not hosted here. Our family loves you. We want you to be happy and feel safe.

Come join us for dinner. We saved a seat especially for you!

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Family Dinner Table

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Family Dinner Table

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Family Dinner Table

Family Dinner Potluck - Movie Night

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