What we're about

Join a gaming group which is welcoming, friendly to all experience levels, monthly in frequency.

Ideal members for this group:

1. Can be new or experienced in table top gaming, from barely having heard about it but willing to give it a try, to very experienced. What is more important is that we are not overly focused on rules, which I see as a way to provide structure and fairness, but are made to be modified to suit a particular group's needs.

2. All ages and backgrounds! We love meeting diverse people especially if they are a somewhat weird geek.

3. My philosophy on Role Playing Games is an emphasis on collaborative story telling. I would love to have a group with an emphasis on character building, role playing, and acting aspects. There will be battles, of course, but that is not the focus.

4. Kid and dog friendly. We have a 8 year old and two Bichon Frises (small dogs), and would be meeting at our Hope Mills house (at least most of the time). We welcome members to bring kids. We have huge amounts of toys and video games for the 5-12 age range. We will also find a way to include your kid if he or she wants to join! Kids are welcome but in no way are families with kids the only target member-- if you feel like you would fit in this type of group, we would love to have you!

5. Group meetings are once a month. The frequency is another huge issue as most groups appear to be weekly. This is just not possible for us, and I hope there are others that feel the same way. Time and day is likely around 3pm-8pm (up to members) on a Saturday.

6. Nonjudgmental-- we are a dual earner household, and our house is often, let's say, imperfect. Don't worry, the bathroom will be freshly sparkling and the mess things like clutter and a sink full of dishes, but we are simply too busy to have a "company ready" house on a regular basis.

7. We are currently playing with D&D 5.0, but in the future I'd love to explore other settings. We also enjoy some non RPGs such as Flux, Settlers of Catan, or a round of Apples to Apples, and love trying new games. Basically, this group is meant to be very flexible and welcoming.

8. We don't always have to meet here, and we can do some other fun games and geeky outings. Please feel free to suggest things.

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Escape Room
Needs a date and time

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Just gauging interest. I think this would be incredibly fun. They have on their site that a zombie room is coming in the near future. Check out the website and leave a comment if it sounds like something you would like to do: http://www.escaperoomfayettevillenc.com/

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