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“Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the live stream!”

If your a Bear and you ‘get it’ I invite you to join myself and other bears for some community. If you are here because the rainbow wasn’t enough, or the word “Bears” makes you think about lollipops and fancy pants, this is not your group. The purpose of the group is to bring like minded individuals together. We will be talking about how to live a better life through the teachings of Jesus Christ, homesteading, family, propaganda, Muhammad (peace be upon him), pray for small hats, changing bad habits, and the best ways to help one another with projects that move the community forward. Women are welcome but will be watched closely, and this is definitely subject to change. There will be bannings.
This group will be sober. If some bears want to go have a few claws after the meeting, that’s great! However you land the plane is your business. However for the meeting we need our minds right. Not a whole lot of time to play. That was the 90’s.
If your easily offended, it would be hilarious if you showed up.
If your a male and under 5’6 please don’t kick the taller bears in the shins. If your over 5’11 be nice. It’s not their fault.
I’m still working on a venue. Outdoors would be great, I may be able to hook us up with a private office downtown so we can watch some old film of BB for discussion. We have to establish a trusting and strong group guys.... Nobody is going to have more fun than us, but you gotta know that we will have to weed out some gammas before the games begin.
Let’s build a community with God around Logos. Let’s take action. This starts here.

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