What we're about

If you think Jordan Peterson is mainly correct about most things, this group is for you.

This is not a fan club (not at all); it is a homing beacon for people who resonate with a broad constellation of social criticisms that Jordan Peterson just happens to articulate more visibly than anybody else right now.

Other social critics who may be considered within Jordan Peterson's constellation might include:

• Ayn Rand

• Camille Paglia

• Thomas Sowell

• Bill Maher

• Herb Goldberg

Please note that this list includes:

• two females

• one black American

• one transgender/queer-identified person

• two outspoken Democrats

• two Jews

• one outspoken Republican, and

• one refugee immigrant to the United States.

The point is this: Regardless of the hysterical claims you may have heard about Jordan Peterson, his views are quite compatible with every race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and national origin.

I chose Peterson as the identifier for this MeetUp group not because I think he is special, but simply because his name is becoming very well-known. This means there are probably many people out there who agree with his social criticisms and would welcome an opportunity to socialize with those who are likeminded.

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