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Fantastic 50s 4th-Sunday Salon Talks

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Welcome to the monthly Fantastic 50s 4th-Sunday Salon Talks series:

On the 4th Sunday of each month, a Fantastic 50s Plus member is invited to offer a 15 to 20 minute presentation on a topic of their choice, to be followed by a guided discussion among the guests on the topic.

Modeled after the Ted Talks series (see: the choice of topics is entirely up to the presenter and can range from the serious (Climate Change) to the informative (15 Interesting Meet-up Groups to try), to the personal (Highlights from one's European travels). The presenter need not even do the 'talking' themselves, choosing instead to share, for example, a favorite Ted Talk (such as, ) or a you tube video of a speech by someone famous or not so famous (such as, ).

What each presenter will be responsible for will be to bring 3 or 4 questions to guide the follow-up discussion to their presentation. A laptop and projector will be available if needed to share videos, powerpoint presentations, etc.

Guests will be asked to bring snacks/hors-d'oeurves/beverages to share.

The topic this month is: "...................................."

Presented by: ..................................

* This event carries a $5 fee.
Please note Refund Policy: Refunds will be given only if the event is canceled or postponed.


NOTE: If you would like to sign up and be a presenter at future Salon Talk, please contact Edwin at: ( or (415-948-9460).