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This group is for ANYONE who is a sports fan (of the 4 major sports-football, basketball, baseball, hockey) and loves applying (or interested in applying) their knowledge and fandom to fantasy sports! It does not matter if you are a life-long sports fan, or are just a casual fan wanting to learn more about sports. You don't need any experience playing fantasy sports. As long as you are willing to learn and stay committed throughout the entire season, we would be excited and thrilled to teach you! I have been a sports fan all my life and have been playing fantasy sports for over 10 years. I have found that sports and fantasy sports definitely go hand in hand and work extremely well together. You need to have sports knowledge to do well in fantasy sports, and playing fantasy sports encourages you to learn more about the game and its players. Fantasy sports is definitely a great way of managing teams and keeping a schedule while enjoying sports at the same time!

We will mainly discuss and share our love for sports and fantasy sports in general. We can meet once a week at sports bars, people's houses, or any place that accommodates a majority of the group. We will talk, hang out, and play fantasy sports. We might even set up fantasy leagues to play, and possibly go to a few games throughout the season. Who knows? This is a fun, casual group for people who are avid sports fans and aren't afraid to express it through fantasy sports! This is a group for people who share a common interest (sports) and want to apply it in a unique way (fantasy sports). Don't hesitate, join now! I look forward to meeting you!

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