What we're about

Fantasy & Sci-fi Writers has 2 main aims:

1. To bring fantasy/sci-fi writers together to discuss & critique our work. It's not necessary to have written anything before joining. All you need is an intention to write.

2. To meet people with similar interests at social events.

If you love the genres, but are not interested in writing (maybe you're more interested in meeting people with similar interests), then you're welcome to any of our social events; however, places in the critique group meetings may (depending on the number of writers planning to attend) be reserved for those actively writing.

This group uses English. Anyone with a good working knowledge of English (plus interest in writing and the two genres) is welcome to join. It's not a place for practicing English (plenty of other groups for that).

I plan to keep this group small (up to 45 members) for two reasons. First I want an active group of people who participate in events. Second, meetup dot com charge more for larger groups, and as I don't wish to pay more for inactive members, I remove members who don't participate in order to make room for those who wish to.

IMPORTANT – If you can't attend an event, please let us know. I may remove members who are no-shows (or who cancel the day before) because we place restrictions on the number of members able to attend critique group meetings, and if you don't show up, then you block other members from attending. I understand that stuff happens, and if something unavoidable happens, let us know. But serial no-shows is not a good idea.

The above applies to the writers' critique meetings. For the social meet-ups it's not so serious, but please still let us know of any change of plans (because we have to book tables etc).

You can also join us on our Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1672122113029970/1679134745662040/?notif_t=l (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1672122113029970/1679134745662040/?notif_t=like)

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