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Intuitive Learning & Healing Center (inside Spirit Room)

111 Broadway North Suite 2a · Fargo, nd

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This group is free and open to anyone who is interested in energy healing.

Everyone is welcome, from those who have not had any experience with energy healing and are curious to learn more, to those who are professional practitioners wanting to raise awareness about their specific modalities.

Energy healing, also called energy medicine, is defined here to be any type of healing modality which works to manipulate the bioenergetic fields surrounding a person to promote healing on some level (physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual). There are many examples, Reiki, EFT, body talk, polarity therapy, crystal healing, access bars, shamanism, re-connective healing, and many more. In addition, there are those who simply have a natural predisposition for channeling healing energy that do not fit with any formal school. They are also most welcome here.

This group is centered around its members. Members are encouraged to host or request meetups. It is the host's responsibility to lay out the intent and expectations of each meetup clearly in its title and its description. This is important since there are many modalities, and also many types of potential gatherings. The members are free to suggest meetups with a more narrow focus to their liking, perhaps restricting attendance to those trained at a particular level in a specific modality. If anyone would like help in planning a meetup, they are encouraged to ask the organizers for help.

Some ideas for meetups might be Reiki shares, energy healing shares, lectures/discussions on various topics, a group healing for someone, demonstrations of crystal healing, or purely social events to interact with others of like mind. It's entirely up to the hosts. Members are encouraged to be creative.

This group is meant to foster interaction and promote awareness. The mailing list is open to all. Perhaps, teachers in the area would like to announce class times and class descriptions here. Members are encouraged to contact other members with relevant questions. Members can also start threads on the message boards. This is also a place to post information about energy healing, related events in the area, or upcoming class announcements for those who might be looking for training.

May these gatherings serve the community's GREATEST GOOD and bring positivity to all those around us.

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