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Faridabad StartUp Network (FSN) is a platform for everyone interested in startup ecosystem to connect with each other and create synergy. FSN shall act as a not for profit community incubator for new entrepreneurs, and as an angel investor by pooling resources from willing group participants and also provide crash landing support to members.

The sole purpose of this group is to fill the lack of facilities for startups in Faridabad by creating an ambiance and culture for fostering innovation and creativity in Faridabad. FSN shall create community work spaces where members can come together to share, generate, exchange and validate their ideas, seek mentors and advisors, find founders/Co-founders.

FSN has built a board of Mentors from varied backgrounds and experiences who will share their learnings and guide budding entrepreneurs on pro bono basis. FSN will organise meet ups at regular intervals for the benefit of its community members.

FSN invites people from all strata of society - students, working or practicing professionals, established businesses, industry leaders, retirees and any other person who believes in the idea of nurturing creativity and innovation and to create an ecosystem for helping seeds (ideas) become trees(enterprise).

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Is Compliance neccessary...???
Needs a date and time


The discussion shall focus on importance of complying with regulatory and statutory environment, while starting a new venture.
In a country like India where the laws are complex and over lapping, navigating through the legal maze becomes a challenge for first generation entrepreneurs.

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