What we're about

One of the most unique, effective, practical, educational, empowering, and all around approaches to maximizing a safe, fulfilling, and ALL AROUND healthy lifestyle.

This group is designed to have people come together for discussions as a group about farming, fitness, epigenetics, science, and non-religious spirituality. We will go over a wide range of topics all relating to maximizing our ability to understand ourselves from multiple unique perspectives that I offer.

There are many other exciting things that are possible for a group like this... But right now I am just trying to see who is interested and who will actually show up to the meetups. Those who are noticeably dedicated to taking part and or helping in these discussions become larger in number will have possible future financial/volunteer opportunities offered to them if they are the right fit and are interested.

I have 10+ years of experience in the fitness/health industry plus more then 3000+ research hours with thousands of reference links to my research. Most sources of information/everyone I learn from are experts in their fields with the track records to prove it.

I am extremely passionate about understanding the potential of the human body. I want to have conversations with people about it because what we are discussing is already happening all over the country and the world. This is the future (present depending on where you live) of the fitness industry in my opinion due to the incredible amount of interest and how effective it is.

My ultimate goal for this group is to empower the people who come to this group with the knowledge and understanding that there are many ways to achieve the most optimal/best version of themselves. What is most unique about this group is the multitude of practical, safe, can be applied immediately for free, and 'effective' approaches that I offer for these discussions.

All group discussions will be in a rented area of a business, my dome greenhouse, or an office of the gyms that I work at. This is free for now.

I look forward to meeting you all!


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