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What we're about

Help the comic/graphic novel writer or artist navigate the waters of creativity, getting funded and published.

GET help and GIVE help and have fun doing it.
SUPPORT each other through RESPECT, and PROTECT the highly creative Intellectual Property (IP) rights of all. WEEKLY MEETING ITINERARY - 1 hour, 15 minutes
1 - MEET AND GREET a few words on who we are and how we got here!
2 - SIGN your non-disclosure agreement to protect your work.
3 - 5 minute presentation based on member requests.
(Submit your idea to me on Meetup the week before. Notices arrive Sunday.
4 - Workshop topic - The group helps the the writer’s/artist's with their arts/story issue
5 - HEADS UP - Individual topic requests for upcoming weeks encouraged. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS PROTECTION.
An industry standard non-disclosure agreement designed to protect your original story and art from theft. A good introduction to the standard business practices of the creative industry. Also discussed; copyright.

PRO-ACTIVE FEEDBACK based on the artist's/writer's request: The most important thing we do here is to give honest feedback that is productive, well thought out, and professional (kind). To help with feedback I have an assessment tool, an industry standard rubric we can use to work from during the meeting.

THE RUBRIC DOES TWO THINGS: makes you a better artist through receiving a real time, peer-group feedback, and helps others do the same. In other words, while giving good solid professional critiques using the industry standard rubric, you simultaneously support your fellow artists, and learn more about improving your own work. SO bring your best work, your most horrid work, creative issues, and your most empowering ethical behavior. LET'S DO SOME GOOD (WORK).

MY HERO SUMNER REDSTONE, former CEO of VIACOM said it best, "A good deal is a good deal for both sides." INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (IP) RIGHTS
Sign an industry standard non-disclosure agreement to protect your original ideas, stories and artwork. This document is a business-smart habit to get into, and a real life safeguard that has always served me well as a published author and filmmaker/producer on the west coast.
Sharing ideas is not stealing, its sharing. However, those who 'HOOVER' ideas, or harvest work from unsuspecting writer's/artist's for their own capital gain will not be tolerated.
Each meeting has a handout with IP information links that we will touch on briefly.This information is something I learned first hand in Hollywood, and at California State University, Long Beach where every professor I had was an film industry professional. The information is valid.

BULLIES and IP THIEVES need not attend - please move on.

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