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Hello + Welcome to Fashion Industry Network!

I'm Kat, founder of Apparel Booster, a tremendous resource that helps brands source manufacturing, materials and launch premium + ethical fashion brands.

Fashion Industry Network is a place for fashion industry professionals and entrepreneurs to connect, ask questions, and help each other grow.

Whether you are just starting out, an industry veteran, work for a company, or operate independently as a 1-person show, this group will help you on your journey to success.


In order to keep this group as useful as possible, we’ve established the following rules for all members. Any post or comment found to be breaking one of the rules will be deleted without notice. We reserve the right to change these rules at any time.

🔹 DO introduce yourself

🔹 DO invite your fashion industry friends to join!

🔹 DO post questions in this group at any time

🔹 DO jump right in and respond if you know the answer to a question or know of a helpful resource

🔹 DO include images and native videos (ones you upload directly to the group) in your posts, if relevant

🔸 DO NOT share self-promotional posts - anything considered overly spammy will be deleted.

🔸 DO NOT include external links in original posts unless you say something about WHY you think it will be useful to the group. You may include them - if relevant, but any self-promotional links will be deleted without warning.

🔸DO NOT message, email or contact members via other social platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) in this group unless they ask you to do so. Any members found to be contacting members without their permission will be immediately removed from the group

My goal with this group is to help you in your business. By connecting with others, sharing resources, offering trainings to help your business grow or just become the best fashion entrepreneur that you can be.

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Let's talk about business... and Fashion.

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Let's talk about Fashion... and Business.

Needs a location

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