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Did you know?

• The fashion industry is the 2nd biggest polluting industry?

• In the U.S. alone, textile waste exceeds 13 million tons per year!

• The average sweatshop worker earns an $.50 per hour.

• In developing countries, an estimated 168 million children ages 5 to 14 are forced to work, many of them in the fashion industry.

• Only 20% of the clothes donated to second hand stores get sold and re-used in the U.S..

• The U.S. exports 1 billion lbs of used textiles each year, making it our 8th largest export industry.

What are we doing about it?!?!

We are a group that believes in ethical manufacturing, sustainability, and supporting local designers/brands. Great style should never compromise our ethics or values.

We host events, swaps, talks, all focused on creating a better world... <3

Be The Change:

Ask Questions.

How is it made?

Who made it?

How much does it really cost?

Past events (20)

Luna Bags + Fashion Revolutionaries Social @Cigar Bar

Cigar Bar

KAVEH Fashion Show

Uzay Gallery

Fashion Tech Pride Social Hour

371 10th St

Resilience in the Time of Covid: Sustainable Fashion Leaders Speak Out

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