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UpCycling Workshop
As part of #makesmthng week ( we are organising a number of upcycling workshops... Please see the flyer and event info here (if you're logged into Facebook) or in the photos (below): THIS IS A DROP-IN EVENT! Come for the day, or just an hour. It would be great to meet some of you there - please do RSVP here, so I know to look out for you! You will need to bring your own old clothes / textiles to use. We will have additional scraps and trims, thread, needles, sewing machines etc. We will have various projects you can try, or you can go free-style! A few examples… Shorter projects (we estimate 1-3hrs): • fingerless mittens from old jumpers • door stops • draft excluders • cushion covers • pooffe • advent calendar • old jeans bag • stuffed toys Or if you want to take a bit longer: • patchwork blanket from scraps • clothes up cycling • reengineering bags and clothes We are also happy to help you repair any items you may bring!


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What we're about

Do you like fashion, but sometimes wonder how your clothes were made?
Are you interested in sewing and other hand-crafting skills?
Would you like to make your own clothes?
Do you want to feel that you can make better choices in your purchasing decisions?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this group might be for you.

The aim of this group is to gather people together to learn and create. To explore and discuss the ethical issues the fashion industry faces. To work together on creative projects, and help each other when we get stuck. To pursue the craft of making our own clothes alongside a growing awareness of how we can break free of the current fashion paradigm.

About Me.

Over 10 years ago I re-trained as a tailor, leaving my first career in medical research and ethics.

Since re-training I have always struggled to align my love of clothes and sewing with the academic-ethicist in me who sees the huge problems with mass consumerism, out-sourcing, and the unsustainability of the fashion industry. In many ways this conflict deterred me from pursuing work within the industry – I have tended instead towards using my skills in more relational / holistic settings.

A key question I’m currently exploring is what a non-consumerist business model for fashion might look like. I also have a passion to see more local production of clothing – and greater public support to buy such products.

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