Sizzling Hot Summer! Yorkville Rooftop Patio Mixer (CO-ED with other groups)

Fashion Conscious Professionals
Fashion Conscious Professionals
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The Pilot Tavern

22 Cumberland Street · Toronto, ON

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Reservation under name Sam/Meet UP

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Hello friends,

Were having another social mixer event its a great way to meet new people for fun and friendship. This event is for everyone so anyone should feel welcome to come along and socialise.

About The Pilot:

The name of the bar was a tip of the cap to the heroic RCAF flyers of World War II.

During the Yonge Street era, The Pilot was a clubhouse, meeting place and sacred temple to artists, musicians and writers. The Spadina Eleven hung out here, Austin Clarke was inspired, Julie Christie awed. In those days The Pilot often cashed the artists' cheques from the nearby Issacs Gallery and the Carmen Lamanna Gallery just up the street. Lightfoot performed and Dylan met Robbie Robertson to recruit the Hawks as his back-up band here too.

The Pilots Patio a.k.a The Flight deck is actually one Torontos best patios because it's on a Yorkville rooftop, it's nicely removed from the commotion on the street. It also has heaters and retractable awnings.

Event details:

• Arrive at 8pm for the mix and mingle icebreaking session

• They serve some really great meals (pay for your own food).

• There is a drinks bar (pay for your own drinks)

• People may also decide to just engage in mindless discussions

• 1 drink or food item (per person) minimum to support staff and venue

Please remember to adhere to our Event Attendees Etiquette policy. Details at bottom of email if you do not know what it is.

After this event people people often decide to hit the nearby pubs and clubs to party with there new found friends. Were going to be in a great location with lots to do.

This event will be CO-ED with all of my groups so it should be a great turn out.

I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone,



Event Attendees Etiquette Policy;

• Events where an event fee is required must be paid in the method in which has been described in the event description e.g; cash upon arrival or pre-paid ticket

• At every venue there is a 1 drink or food minimum per person to support the venue and staff (sometimes included in the fee)

• Do not think its ok to attend events to stalk organizers and members. Showing up for events and not really joining the meet up and then just lingering from a distance is not acceptable behavior. Its stalking and you know it. Also harassing messages to members and organizers after meets ups is also unacceptable.

Consequences of not adhering to this policy;

• If you cant pay the Meet Up fee in the agreed manner you will be embarrassed and bounced from the event there and then

• If you don't purchase 1 drink or food minimum at events where this is required by the venue then you will be asked to leave the event and banned from all my events for LIFE.

• If you stalk and linger at events with no intention of really joining the Meet UP and harass people you will be removed from Meet Up all together after your reported for being a stalker.