What we're about

We enjoy riding our electric vehicles in excess of 25MPH
Join us for all sorts of group rides - Tours, Races, Competitive Riding Challenges (with cones), Offroad rides (yes, within DC), and even Holiday-themed rides!

Unite your unicycles,
Bust out your boards,
Swab your scooters,
Polish your PEVs because:
There are many excellent hills in DC with very smooth surfaces. Come join us if you ride above 25mph or aspire to someday.

Past events (11)

Race for the Best Time (20 miles)

Lincoln Memorial

DC CRIBZ (Full Send Ride, 20 miles)

Dupont Circle - the park in the middle

City Sprint (Full Send Ride, 20 miles)

Lincoln Memorial

Dirty Tuesday

Wakefield Park

Photos (20)