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Tapping your fears and stresses away with the amazing and strangely simple method of FasterEFT.

The Happy Self: Emotionally Focussed Transformation ( uses a universal model of how our brain works and how we store & use memories for better or worse ... We help you make it better !


A group for everyone who wants to find their Happy Self !

Transform anxiety, depression and emotional trauma into a positive growth experience .

An intro group to share and experience the amazing self-help process called "Faster EFT".

FasterEFT where "EFT" stands for Emotionally Focussed Transformation.

Faster .... because it IS !

This is a remarkable modern evolvement from NLP, self-hypnotism, EFT and acupressure amongst others : that can tackle the array of reactions expressed in the body created from memories and misplaced beliefs. It can be challenging but a gentle means of rapidly moving on from a wide range of stresses that have stood in our way of allowing ourselves happiness, creativity, success and much more !

FasterEFT uses Tapping on acupressure points to disrupt the connections between memories and the emotional charge in our bodies. This can be a great self-help tool or it can be an in-depth process with a Practitioner.

I also offer classes in Awareness Through Movement the group mode of The Feldenkrais Method® and private lessons called Functional Integration.

Come and join me, my colleagues, friends and newcomers from all walks of life.

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