CHAKRADANCE™ Meditation with movement-Heart Chakra

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Price: $20.00 /per person
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Dancing with the HEART CHAKRA

This is a 3 hour event

Fee for this event is $20.00 paid upon arrival. 45 -50 minutes is standing and movement meditation with the eyes closed.

Wear comfortable clothing like yoga attire or capri pants with a comfortable shirt.

If you have issues standing for that long you can experience CHAKRADANCE™ in a chair.

We will begin with a warm up meditation and then journey through each of the seven chakras, starting at the base and travelling up to the crown.

I will then guide you into creating your own mandala artwork and open the group for feedback and a closing mediation.


CHAKRADANCE™ is a journey inwards. We use spontaneous dance, specific music, guided imagery and mandala art to journey through the chakra system.

CHAKRADANCE™ is described as a dance practice for the soul. It is about reconnecting back to our true essence or true self. Our intention with CHAKRADANCE™ is to honor the work of the soul. To tap into that deeper part of us and hear what it has to say. By bringing energy/light into each of our chakras through CHAKRADANCE™ we can slowly become more balanced, more whole, and able to live our lives more consciously.

The whole CHAKRADANCE™ experience is also embedded in the philosophy of Jungian Psychology. The primary aim of Jungian Psychology is to form an ongoing relationship between our unconscious and consciousness so that we can find wholeness and reach our fullest potential.

CHAKRADANCE™ is held in a sacred space. You will be inspired! A Great practice for all 18 yrs and up!

Much Gratitude! Namaste'

Carolyn Hillenbrand

A certified CHAKRADANCE™ Facilitator