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Fearless Living is a growing Community of people who are ready to explore new techniques to build a life of open-hearted, relaxed, trusting, joy and abundance. Are you ready to learn and practice new tools to push the envelope of your comfortable habits of thought, behavior and emotion? Perhaps together we can usher in a miraculous shift to allow health and wellness to flow in and be nurtured long enough to stay. Are you hoping to shift into a better relationship, career position, move, physical challenge, state of health and wellness? We are neutral and accepting about spiritual beliefs, but acknowledge forces greater than ourselves to bring change. Learn and practice being more playful, less serious, breathing, connecting with your Inner Physician, CATME (conscious awareness through movement exploration / no experience or athletics needed), hands on healing, sound healing, guided meditation, cupping, brain gym, EFT/scripting to shift emotional triggers and thought patterns, examine life balance and wholeness, nutrition and much more. Lets build a supportive community for optimal human potential development! Whatever your gifts, calling, interests, fears, anxieties, self-esteem or lack there of, come find out how MAGNIFICENT YOU ARE!!! Yes, that means YOU!

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